• Unleavened pita bread - cooking and cooking secrets

    Pita bread is an excellent addition to a variety of dishes, but in stores it is either selling quickly or dries out. Yes, and find a truly delicious, soft and healthy product is not so simple. But you can easily cook it at home, and it's easy!

    What is pita bread?

    First, some useful information. Lavash is white unleavened bread, shaped like a very thin flatbread. It is made from wheat flour, usually with yeast, sourdough, or a small amount of dough left over from the past. Bake cakes made in traditional street ovens - tandoors.

    Lavash replaces bread and is the main flour product in the Caucasus, in some countries of Asia, Iran, Afghanistan. In European countries, it is often called "Armenian cake."

    Interesting fact! Lavash in Armenia is considered a symbol of prosperity and abundance, therefore, traditionally, it is placed on the shoulders of the bride and groom during a wedding before entering the family house.

    How to cook?

    How can you easily make unleavened pita bread? If you know some subtleties and use proven recipes, then a cake without yeast will turn out to be no less appetizing and soft than with such an ingredient. Consider three ways.

    Method one

    This is a classic recipe, involving the use of a minimum amount of ingredients. Here is a short list:

    • 170-180 ml of water;
    • half acres. salts;
    • about 300 grams of wheat flour


    1. Pour sifted flour on a table or in a wide container, form a recess in the center of the hill.
    2. Add salt to the water, heat it up.
    3. Salt very hot water begin to pour into the groove, knead the dough with your hands.
    4. When you achieve uniformity, form a ball, wrap a film and leave for half an hour.
    5. Divide the dough into seven or eight parts, each thinly roll it into the layer with a rolling pin (sprinkle it with flour to avoid sticking).
    6. Heat a griddle without oil and fry each flatbread on both sides over medium heat.

    Second way

    And this is an option with eggs. Ingredients are:

    • 500 g of flour;
    • egg;
    • six art. l. vegetable or butter;
    • full glass of boiling water;
    • ½ tsp salt.

    Process description:

    1. Mix flour with salt and sift through a sieve to enrich with oxygen.
    2. Pour dry ingredients onto a board or table, pour boiling water into the center.
    3. Stir the dough intensively so that there are no lumps in it.
    4. Now it's time to add butter and egg.
    5. Still knead the mass, and then it will become elastic, but rather dense.
    6. Cover the kneaded dough, leave alone for half an hour.
    7. Divide the dough into portions, roll thin round sheets with a diameter from the pan and 1-2 mm thick.
    8. Fry the tortillas in a hot, dry frying pan.

    Third way

    And one more variation with milk. So, here's what you need:

    • 1.5 cups wheat flour;
    • egg;
    • ½ cup of milk;
    • 30 g of butter;
    • a little salt - 1/3 or ½ tsp.


    1. Combine the flour with salt and preferably sift.
    2. Gradually add milk to the dry mix, immediately start kneading the dough.
    3. Next, add the egg and butter, continue to knead the mass with your hands. Do it actively, then no lumps form.
    4. Wrap the ready-made dense dough with a bag or paper towel and set aside for 30-35 minutes.
    5. Split your dough, roll out thin layers of 1 mm and fry in a well heated pan on each side.

    How to use ready pita

    What to make from ready-made homemade pita? First of all, you can use it regularly, completely abandoning bread. But there are quite a few other culinary uses, for example:

    1. Snack in the form of roll. Absolutely any components are suitable as a filling, for example, cream cheese or cottage cheese with garlic and greens, chopped canned fish with boiled egg and butter, crab sticks or lightly salted red fish with melted cheese, chicken or ham with fried mushrooms. The mass is evenly distributed over the cake, then the pita is rolled into rolls and cut into portions.
    2. Dessert. Lavash will make a wonderful appetizing strudel. It will take: pita bread, two large apples, 100 g of peeled walnuts and raisins, 90 ml of heavy cream, an egg, a pinch of cinnamon, a couple of tablespoons of powdered sugar and sand, 30 g of butter. First soak the raisins, peel and chop the apples (for example, rub them on a large grater). Chop some of the nuts as much as possible, and slice some. Next, in a skillet, fry apples with nuts and raisins in butter. Stir and whip the cream with the egg, most of the mix with the nut-apple mass (about 30 ml leave to lubricate).Spread the stuffing on the pita bread, wrap it in a roll, cut it into pieces, coat it with the rest of the egg-cream mass and bake on parchment for about twenty minutes.
    3. Pizza. Lavash in this case will be an excellent alternative to a thin base of dough. And on it lay out any fillings to taste: sliced ​​ham or chicken, tomatoes, hard grated cheese, fried mushrooms, pickled cucumbers, capers, seafood. It will only bake the pizza in the oven for 10-15 minutes, placing the cake on the parchment to avoid burning.
    4. Wrap any salads in flat cakes and serve them at events held in the open air.
    5. Flapjacks for a picnic are simple khachapuri. Combine 100 grams of grated Adyghe or Imereti cheese and cottage cheese, three crushed cloves of garlic and chopped any greens, for example, cilantro or dill. Pita bread cut into squares or large enough circles (diameter - about 20 cm). Put the stuffing on them, then fold the layers in half, connecting the edges. Dip these cakes with a beaten egg with butter or vegetable oil, place on a baking sheet laid with baking paper and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for ten minutes.

    Few secrets

    Finally, there are a few tips that the housewives will help make appetizing lavash and enjoy its taste:

    • When the dough is mixed and fully prepared, it should be allowed to stand for a while. Then the mass will become more plastic, it will be easier to give in to rolling.
    • Lavash is stored for a long time, if it is properly stored. For example, in the refrigerator, packed in plastic perforated bags, it will lie for several weeks, at room temperature in the bread box - 5-7 days. And if the cooked cakes are stockpiled and frozen, they will retain their taste and remain edible for six months.
    • If lavash is slightly warmed up before use in a microwave oven, it will become even softer and more fragrant.
    • As a liquid base, you can use not only water and milk, but, for example, kefir or yogurt, whey.
    • Pita bread can be not only fried without oil in a non-stick pan, but can also be baked on a baking sheet with parchment in the oven.
    • It is important not to overcook the tortillas, otherwise they will be very dry, brittle and tough. Do not wait for browning of the entire surface: it is enough that the pita bread becomes dull and sometimes darkens.
    • The fire when frying should be medium so that the cake is baked evenly, reddened and not burned.

    As you can see, pita can be cooked at home, quickly and without yeast. And from it you can make a variety of dishes. This is a real godsend!

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