• Unreal characteristics of neodymium washers

    Unreal characteristics of neodymium washersIn modern life, outdated technology remains in the past. Experts prefer to work with new materials to implement complex projects. So, neodymium washers turned into necessary details, although some people could call them a real miracle.

    Minimum size and great strength

    Considering the characteristics of the pucks, people are often amazed at unreal indicators. Remarkable proof is the small diameter of 1 cm with a thickness of 6 mm. Such magnets withstand weight up to 2 kg. Surely none of the consumers expected this, but the factory figures in practice are freely confirmed.

    The complex composition of neodymium, boron and iron rescue designers. They had to work for a long time, engaged in the development of complex electric magnets. Natural material has become an ideal substitute. Taking advantage of technological wonders, a person gets a phenomenal solution that is simple and reliable.

    Rare metal ore in production

    The high cost of neodymium often leads to the abandonment of modern solutions. However, designers of high-tech equipment never refuse to cash costs. Without some elements, it is rarely possible to withstand the requirements of the concept, for example, as in hard disks of computers or small metal detectors.

    Rare metal ore is actively mined all over the world. Interestingly, neodymium still spreads. Yes, its cost is high, but the industry cannot do without such magnets. They quickly turned out to be an important part of the lines, replacing outdated large-sized devices. Accordingly, manufacturers continue to develop new projects to implement fantastic projects that require a huge traction force.

    Recent developments have suggested that in the near future without neodymium the industry will not be able to do. The high cost of rare ore may remain a problem, but it is still gradually a thing of the past. Active mining of metal saves from a lack.Today it is in free sale on the Internet, because even at home, small washers save from various difficulties. On a small ring, you can hang a heavy load, which, with a small diameter and thickness, copes with a weight of several kilograms.

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