• Up to 500 rubles: 7 beauty products from royal cosmetics

    It is difficult to believe that one of Kate Middleton's favorite creams costs about 200 rubles.

    When it comes to royal families, many think that they are swimming in luxury and buying all the best and most expensive for themselves. Of course, they pay special attention to skin care and hair care products - you cannot precisely save on this. However, even the monarchs have favorite beauty products that any woman can afford, regardless of wealth.

    Hand cream Creme Jeunesse des Mains, Clarins, 650 rubles

    Photo: archive of press services

    Let's start with the most expensive - hand cream. The Clarins brand is dearly loved by Elizabeth II. Back in 1953, the brand created a shade of lipstick, cold red, intended for the queen. After that, between Clarins and Elizabeth II is a special love that will never end. In addition to lipstick, the Queen loves the brand's hand cream, which perfectly moisturizes the skin. Well, believe the queen.

    Hair oil Luminous Smoothing Oil, Wella Professionals, 360 rubles

    Photo: archive of press services

    In the cosmetics bag of the newly made Duchess there are quite a lot of democratic means.One of them is Wella hair oil, which instantly adds luxurious shine to hair. Megan Markle has repeatedly admitted in her interviews that after that the oils of her curls become very soft, and the product seems to smell like a holiday. Take note!

    Essie nail polish, 370 rubles

    Photo: archive of press services

    According to the royal protocol, the monarch's nails should have a neutral shade, preferably a translucent one. That is why for more than 25 years, Elizabeth II paints her nails with Essie lacquer in a Ballet Slippers shade (according to the British press). We readily believe, especially when we look at a slightly visible coating on the queen's nails.

    Kate Middleton also loves this lacquer, only in a slightly different shade - Allure. This detail was revealed to the whole world by the Duchess's personal manicurist.

    Tea Tree Oil Oil, The Body Shop, 450 rubles

    Photo: archive of press services

    In one of her interviews for the American magazine Allure, Megan Markle admitted that the only thing without which she cannot go on a trip is a jar of tea tree oil. This remedy really helps very well against various inflammations and has antiseptic properties.

    Cleansing wipes Bioré, 520 rubles

    Photo: archive of press services

    To wash off make-up with the use of hydrophilic oil, foam and tonic is sometimes lazy even to the duchess. That is why on the bedside table at Megan Markle are cleaning wipes, with which she very quickly does a make-up remover. It is better than going to bed in cosmetics.

    Nivea creams

    Cream for the face Soft, Nivea, 290 rubles
    Photo: archive of press services
    Nutritious body milk Nivea, 300 rubles
    Photo: archive of press services

    Means Nivea love absolutely everything, and since childhood. And both duchess are no exception. For example, Kate Middleton was repeatedly caught following the way she was going for Nivea Soft moisturizing face cream, as insiders reported, she had not parted with this cream for 10 years. But Megan Markle turned out to be a fan of the Nivea body nutritional milk.

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