• Vacation with children in Milan

    Ivan Orlov
    Ivan Orlov
    September 10, 2015
    Vacation with children in Milan

    For most people, rest in Milan is associated with magnificent cathedrals and, of course, shopping, however, having come here with your children, you will also find something to do with them. The main thing is that the season in this case does not play a role at all, since the Italian city is beautiful both in summer and in winter.

    First of all, upon arrival in Milan with the whole family, it is necessary to choose a hotel. Traveling with children, it is necessary to give preference to the most comfortable housing, as well as to those hotels that can offer additional services.

    If you come to this bohemian city in the summer, having a hotel in the pool will be a significant advantage. In winter, preference is given to those hotels that are located closer to the center.

    On the trip my dream portal, you will learn that there is a mass of entertainment in Milan for children of different ages. The first is to visit the local Toy Museum. The abundance of different interesting things will attract the attention of not only children but also adults.

    To attract a child to the cultural and historical heritage, you should definitely visit the Sforza Castle and the Royal Palace with him. Inside you can get both alone and as part of the tour.

    The most interesting places in the world where you should go with children can be found here. The best way to see all the sights in Milan with children is possible if you go with them on an exciting trip on a tourist tram. This journey will save the strength of your baby, the child will not be naughty and bored.

    Older children will find it very exciting to visit the Vittorio Emanuele shopping gallery. It looks like a covered street, where there are many boutiques of clothing, shoes and accessories. Even if in the end you choose nothing, then just enjoy a walk in a wonderful place.

    Holidays with children in Milan can not be imagined without visiting the city park. Each alley in it has its own unique shape. On its territory there is the oldest museum of natural history. Walking through its spacious rooms, you will take a tour of the main natural attractions of Italy.

    As for active and more extreme types of recreation with children, for this you will need to go outside the city. 25 km from Milan there is a beautiful botanical park with a centuries-old forest and picturesque ponds. In addition to playgrounds, a labyrinth, a large roller skating area and a small zoo, children will be interested to see the full-scale reconstruction of prehistoric animals and dinosaurs.

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