• “Very bad girls” and 7 more cool June premieres

    The first summer month is rich in spectacular movies. For lovers of outstanding films, "Wonder Woman", the fifth "Transformers" and "Mummy" are suitable. In the comedy “His Dog Case” it will be pleasant to see the cool and sweet Bruce Willis. The picture of the "Gifted" was adorned by a nice and talented girl, all with a continuous mime, in the "Blue Abyss" there will be frightening sharks and depth, in "Dislike" - moral discomfort, which is also sometimes useful. Watch a good movie!

    "Wonder Woman"

    Premiere: June 1

    The long-awaited adaptation of the comic about Wonder Woman, an excellent warrior princess of the Amazons, professionally managed with a lasso. The film was directed by Patty Jenkins, who shot Monster with Charlize Theron.

    A miracle woman is played by Gal Gadot, her mother is Connie Nielsen, and the teacher of Amazons, General Antipa, is Robin Wright, whose appearance is expected by many with special impatience.

    This time, Diana, who is also a Wonder Woman, goes outside her island and is able to influence the events of the First World War.


    Premiere: June 1

    Andrei Zvyagintsev's film, which won the jury prize at the 70th Cannes Film Festival, is a story about a husband and wife engrossed in a painful divorce and who do not pay attention to their son. Only when the twelve-year-old Alyosha disappears without a trace will the parents come to their senses.

    Zvyagintsev continues, with cold detachment, to dissect both society as a whole and each person individually, without experiencing a single drop of empathy.


    Premiere: June 1

    A cute film by Mark Webb ("500 Days of Summer") about a mathematically gifted girl. Mother Mary died, she is brought up by her uncle (Chris Evans), who tries to give his niece a real childhood and protect him from sitting in dusty rooms over mathematical problems. Grandmother, on the other hand, dreams that her granddaughter make a career ...


    Premiere: June 8

    Universal is restarting its old best-selling monster props. Dracula has already come out with Evans, and now Mummy with Tom Cruise. The first film about the treacherous Egyptian mummy, revived during the excavations, was released in 1932. Then there was a pretty picture with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weiss in 1999. In the new “Mummy”, scientists raised not Pharaoh from the earth, but his daughter Amanet.

    "His damn business"

    Premiere: June 8

    The private detective from Los Angeles (Bruce Willis) has an indispensable assistant and spiritual friend - dog Buddy. The bandits stole the dog so that the detective could help them find a suitcase of cocaine. Hero Willis gets down to business! Warm smiles, full of pleasant nostalgia, when watching a movie are provided, because Willis is still cool pepper and a tough nutlet, which is not embarrassed to be touching, vulnerable and sweet.

    "Blue Abyss"

    Premiere: June 15

    Summer has come, which means it’s time to watch a movie about the sunny coasts and seas full of scary, voracious, and most importantly, devilishly clever sharks. Better than the picture “Jaws”, shot in 1975 by young Steven Spielberg, there is no movie about sharks, but “Blue Abyss” is good in its own way.

    Two girls who came to Mexico on vacation, descend into the depths in a specially equipped cage to get a shot of adrenaline from watching the close-by sharks swim. As a result, the cable on which the cell is attached breaks, and the girls go down to the bottom. Around the circle shark wrapped around, ends with oxygen in the cylinders, the cell claustrophobically squeezes space. It will be creepy!

    "Very bad girls"

    Premiere: June 15

    The success of "Devichnik in Vegas" does not give filmmakers the rest. This time director Lucia Agnello took over, for which this picture is the first full-length experience. However, given the track record of Anello in the form of excellent comedy series ("Broad City", "Bong of Time"), "Very bad girls" turned out to be hilarious.

    Five best friends arrange reckless hen party, as a result of which the stripper accidentally dies. The party continues, but its main theme is unsuccessful attempts to hide somewhere the body of a half-naked handsome man. Starring Scarlett Johansson, Zoe Kravitz, Keith McKinnon of "Ghostbusters" and even Demi Moore.

    "Transformers: The Last Knight"

    Premiere: June 22

    Transformers that have had a connection with humanity, hidden in the depths of ages, strive to destroy the Earth ...

    Michael Bay made the fifth film of the Transformers franchise - a joy for those who love spectacular movies. Given that the shooting spent about 260 million dollars, the sight will be fascinating, so it's worth going to the cinema to see the great battle on the big screen.

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