• Vintage jewelry: what are their features?

    Jewelry attracts the attention of many representatives of the fair sex. And here it is worth saying that in each individual case the most appropriate names for the style and image are chosen. Fortunately, modern manufacturers offer to the attention of clients a variety of creations that deserve the highest praise. But only if recently made accessories attract the eyes of lovely ladies? There are also names of jewelry that were made many years ago, but this did not lose their relevance.

    Especially valuable now are vintage earrings, rings, bracelets and other options. In short, products that were released no later than the 80s. The described creations are chosen by representatives of the fair sex, who value exquisite and unique works that can emphasize all their virtues. Such decorations necessarily reflect the tendencies of the past, making you look into the mysterious past.Using in their image some or other names, dear ladies should remember that such products should not be confused with other stylistic solutions,

    Not every girl is able to find original vintage jewelry. Nevertheless, since now such a trend has become fashionable, modern manufacturers are offering creations made in our day. Here we are talking about neovintazhnye models (products, aged artificially), as well as on the options produced "for vintage" (jewelry, stylized for a certain era). This list may contain a silver-plated chain, all kinds of brooches, rings, rings, pendants used to make copper, bronze, brass.

    Wanting to buy vintage accessories, you need to decide on some features that characterize this direction. Namely:

    · Exclusiveness of work execution,

    · frequent use of precious and semi-precious stones (mostly very massive),

    · Use of textile bows, guipure and lace in products,

    · performance of original and unusual forms and patterns,

    · frequent use of animal, flower and plant themes.

    It is this category of jewelry, like no other, that can reveal the characteristics and personality of each woman, turning it into a queen, wherever she appears. Avoid admiring views in this position simply will not be able to.

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