• Vitiligo - pigmentation

    Vitiligo,dark spots, traces of acne and allergies not only spoil the appearance of the skin, but also violate its functionality. The group of specialized drugs ISIS PHARMA, aimed at combating such diseases, restores melatonin levels, restores the skin’s natural appearance and activates the processes of cellular metabolism.

    For the treatment of vitiligo Vitiskin hydrogel is perfect. It normalizes metabolic processes and neutralizes unpleasant rashes on the skin. The special composition of the Vitiskin hydrogel contributes to an almost twofold acceleration of the regeneration of the skin. In addition, the tool protects the skin from aggressive environmental factors. Vitiskin is approved for use as an adjunct to narrowband UV therapy. The whole range of ISIS PHARMA skincare products is presented in the Pharmacy of Health pharmacy.

    The main active component of the gel is the patented molecular compound Dismutin-BT. It has a focused action, aimed primarily at normalizing the pigment and protective processes in the epidermis.

    By acting on pigment spots at the cellular level, Dismutin-BT restores the production of melatonin, the main pigment factor of the skin, which is responsible for its color and susceptibility to sunlight. Note that, unlike its alcohol counterparts, the substance Dismutin-BT was synthesized in the course of thorough laboratory studies, which puts it on a higher level in both efficiency and safety.

    Heavy artillery in the treatment of vitiligo: the Neotone line of tools

    Severe pigmentation and vitiligo need equally serious treatment. These include old pigment spots, the effects of serious diseases, scars. Traditional clarification or surface cosmetics in these cases will no longer help - a radical elimination is required using the latest techniques. For these purposes, the cosmetic laboratory ISIS PHARMA has developed Neotone intensive whitening serum and Neotone Radiance depigmenting cream.

    Neotone is an active directional serum. It has a complex composition, which includes the following active ingredients:

    • glycolic acid;
    • salicylic acid;
    • alpha arbutin;
    • ascorbic acid;
    • natural liquorice extract;

    The chemical composition of the serum was developed to achieve maximum effectiveness against vitiligo and pigment spots. Glycolic and salicylic acids exfoliate damaged skin cells, activate surface regeneration processes.

    Alpha-arbutin and liquorice extract are able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, where they enter into cellular metabolism processes. They normalize and stabilize the level of pigments, improve blood circulation. Ascorbic acid gently whitens the skin, complementing the action of the other components.

    For maximum effectiveness, Neotone Serum should be applied at night. Neotone Radiance cream has an identical composition and is intended for use during the daytime. The combined use of these two tools is able to ensure complete elimination of pigment spots and vitiligo, as well as protect from exposure to sunlight.

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