• We decorate the walls in different ways

    If the room is not decorated, it will be boring and dull. To live in such an apartment is simply unbearable, you can bring yourself to depression, because what surrounds us directly affects our attitude, mood and condition. So be sure to decorate your home. Pay special attention to the walls.

    Cute design

    Decoration Materials

    Details play a role

    If you do not like or do not know how to fantasize, then go to the store of finishing materials, the designers have already done everything for you and offer a huge assortment. Here are a few options:

    • Wallpaper. There are so many of them that they just run away. Love luxury? Get a chic wallpaper with silk-screen printing. If you prefer something original, then buy wallpaper with a convex pattern or pattern. You can also choose soft wallpapers that are so nice to touch. There are tons of shades and patterns, you will certainly find something to their liking.
    • You can decorate the walls with embossed plaster. Inflicting it, you can work wonders with the most common spatula.Create unusual patterns, do not try to do everything smoothly and efficiently, the element of negligence can be a highlight of the room.
    • Want to decorate the walls with stone? Then get a decorative tile with imitation of natural brick, granite or even marble. By the way, a stone can even be flexible, so you will certainly create something. Creative and bold!
    • Cloth covering. On your walls almost any material can show off! This option will provide comfort and create a warm, homely atmosphere.
    • Wall panels. There are so many options that it will be difficult to make a choice. It can be vinyl, plastic, wood and much more.
    • Paint. What used to be a classic and the only possible option today allows you to plunge into the past and create a retro atmosphere. By the way, buying wallpaper for painting or putting the composition on the relief plaster, you can make the surface of the walls very unusual.

    Special tools

    Looking into a large shop of finishing materials, you can find something very original there. So, vinyl stickers are becoming more and more popular today. They are incredibly easy to glue on the wall, but they allow you to make three-dimensional drawing. You can create the whole composition.


    If you loved to draw in childhood, then remember your old hobby, give free rein to your imagination. Paint the walls white (or stick white wallpaper), buy bright colors and start creating. You can borrow ideas from designers by visiting the appropriate site or buying a magazine. But if you want to put your soul into the decor, then think of something special.

    You yourself can draw such a picture

    And if you don’t have painting skills, but you want to draw something interesting, you can use special stencils with ready-made drawings, patterns and plots for drawing. It looks bright and cute at the same time.


    Want to have butterflies settled in your house? Then plant them on the wall. You can buy these cute insects (of course, artificial) in a specialty store. But it is much more interesting to make them.

    To do this you will need:

    • colored paper of different colors;
    • scissors;
    • pencil;
    • glue.

    On paper, draw butterflies. The more they are there, the better and more interesting. You can make them different, some let them be big, others - small. Cut out all the insects. The wings can provide patterns (drawn or carved).

    By the way, as a basis, you can use pictures of butterflies from the Internet by printing them on a color printer.

    Now bend the wings and spread the insects on the wall. You can do it in a chaotic manner, or so, as if the whole flock is flying somewhere or something around.


    It is not necessary to go to the exhibition and buy paintings by famous artists. Reproductions are quite suitable. But if you prefer modernity, then buy a "masterpiece" of an unknown artist.

    Peculiar mirrors

    Pick a picture under the room. So, in a drawing room it is possible to place a cloth with any plot (not tragic and not bloody). And in the bedroom will look great seashore with palm trees or landscape.

    And if you have a child, then ask for something to create it. Oh, these pictures you just will not find anywhere else! And the child will be very pleased.


    Beautiful and original wall decor can be done using the panel. Do not rush into the store, make something better with your own hands.

    You can make a panel of buttons. To do this you will need:

    • picture frame;
    • dense cardboard;
    • paper;
    • glue;
    • buttons.

    So prepare the base. Cut a piece of cardboard to fit the frame.Cover it with paper. Now start creating, putting up buttons on the panel. You can do this in any order, but you can create some kind of pattern or pattern.

    By the way, as a basis for the panel, you can use the cover of the box for shoes. Just wrap it with a cloth or cover it with paper. And to create a composition suitable pebbles, beads, ribbons and other details.


    You can use bright wallpaper

    Do you like flowers? Place them on the wall. You can hang pots with a live flower. But if you are allergic to plants, do not rush to despair. Buy artificial roses, lilies, tulips or something else and build a bouquet or composition.

    Handy materials

    If you do not have excess money, but have a trunk of unnecessary things, then do not rush to throw it away. Some gizmos from such a chest are quite suitable for decoration. Here are some options:

    • In the kitchen you can place something thematic. Each of us has cymbals. So, take one of them, stick double-sided tape on its bottom and stick it to the wall. But something is missing here. A spoon! Stick it next!
    • If you have an old tray, they can also decorate the wall.Buy fake vegetables and fruits, bagels. Glue it all to the tray and place it on the wall.
    • Go for a walk and collect old branches. What for? Of these, you can make a whole wall tree. Just stick them against the wall, creating a composition. You can also attach a bunch of berries to a branch.
    • And if you have somewhere lying around the old frame from the picture, then make a window in the wall, or rather, its imitation. At the top of the picture, place two pieces of fabric in size (it is better to drape them a little in width), these will be curtains. And in the frame, place the photo of the sea landscape. Dreaming is useful, and thoughts (especially visualized) are material.
    • You can make a hammock on a wall from a mesh string bag, surrounding it with two palm-paper appliqués and placing an old doll in it.

    Helpful Tips

    All tasteful

    A few recommendations for novice designers:

    • You can combine the elements of decor in shade with the interior of the room, but you can play on the contrasts, creating some bright spots.
    • If you have a lot of unnecessary things, then disassemble them. You will certainly find something, though useless, but very interesting.
    • Create in a good mood, catch a wave of inspiration!

    Let the walls of your house pleasing the eye and attract the attention of guests. Inspiration for you and exuberant fantasy!

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