• Weather in Sochi for July 2017 - the forecast for the second summer month from the weather center by day. What will be the temperature in July 2017 off the coast of the famous resort

    PIS17-002What will be the weather in Sochi in July 2017, today you can find out from the weather forecast. Employees of the meteorological center are studying statistics, are reconciled with records of long-term observations, and on the basis of this information they make calculations of a potentially meteorological situation. According to their data, the second summer month will be atypical for the traditional Sochi summer. And in the beginning and at the end of July it will often be raining with thunderstorms, and the average daytime temperature will not exceed + 26 ° C. The water in the sea will first warm up to + 21 ° C and only on the most recent pre-August days it will reach + 24 ° C, becoming ideally suited for a comfortable, long bath.

    Preliminary weather forecast for Sochi in July 2017 - what the weather forecasters promise at the beginning and end of the month

    The preliminary weather forecast for July 2017 presented by weather forecasters for Sochi does not sound too colorful and optimistic. Meteorologists report that both the beginning and the end of the month in the city will be moderately warm and overcast, and the amount of precipitation planned for the second month of summer will significantly exceed the average statistical standards considered to be traditional for this period. In this regard, the water in the sea in early July will only warm up to + 21 ° C, and it will reach higher rates only by the beginning of August.

    Weather in Sochi on July 2017 from the weather center - a detailed forecast for the day


    According to the detailed forecast made by the Russian hydrometeorological center on the basis of statistical data on the region, the weather in Sochi in July 2017 will be atypical for mid-summer. Cloudy days will become predominant, and the rain from a rare guest will turn into a frequenter of the resort. The average daily temperature will be + 18 ... 26 ° C, and the mercury column will not reach the mark of + 30 ° C even once. At night, thermometers will fix no more than + 16 ... 19 ° C,therefore, for long evening walks, you will have to throw a warm sweater or a windbreaker into your suitcase, without which it will be very uncomfortable to contemplate magnificent views and admire the moonlit path.

    Daily preliminary weather forecast in Sochi for July 2017

    July in Sochi will begin with a cloudy, moderately warm day (no more than + 24 ° C). By evening, the sea breeze will increase from 2 to 4 m / s and cause the air to cool sharply to + 18 ° C. The next day, a little warmer, the wind will fall and the sky will clear up a bit, however, the sun will not appear. On the 3rd, plentiful rain will prevent going to the beach in the first half of the day, and in the afternoons such a desire is unlikely to arise. The air will cool down to + 20 ... 22 ° C and resort visitors will prefer to walk on wet streets, procedures in spas or entertainments in indoor aqua parks.

    "Window" from absolutely dry days will fall for the period from 4 to 7 July. At this time there will be no precipitation, although the sky will remain clouded. The air temperature at the height of the day will not exceed + 22 ... 24 ° C, and at night it will drop to + 16 ° C. 8 and 9 the city will again be in the grip of the rains, backed up by the gusty south-westerly wind, and 10 in Sochi will warm to + 26 ° C and hints of clarification will appear in the sky.However, the tendency to improve the weather for a long time will not continue and already on July 11 the Arctic atmospheric front will come to the resort. It will bring with it a serious decrease in daytime temperatures. First, the mercury column will slip from +26 ° C to + 23 ° C, in the next three days to +18 ... 19 ° C. With the cooling, the city will be covered with prolonged torrential rains (daily from 11 to 20 July) and strong south-westerly winds blowing at a speed of 6-7 m / s.


    On July 21, the rampage of bad weather will suddenly cease, the sun will come out from behind a dense curtain of clouds and in a few moments will dry the streets, parks and squares of the city. The air will warm up to a comfortable + 25 ° C, and the wind will calm down, like a wave of a magic wand. Unfortunately, all these pleasant moments will not turn into a trend, and already on the 22nd of the clouds again the sky is tightened and the summer sun will be safely hidden from guests and residents of the resort. 23 the air temperature will begin to fall and rain will return to the city. The “wet” period will last up to the 29th. But on the 30th and 31st of July they will show themselves to be really summer days and try to compensate vacationers with a slightly spoiled vacation. The air temperature during these 2 days will rise to + 25 ° C, there will be no precipitation, and the sky will be lit by a bright, tender and hot southern sun, finally freed from reliable captivity of clouds and clouds.

    Weather in Sochi in July 2017 - what is the expected temperature of the water off the coast of the resort


    Given that the weather in Sochi in July 2017 will not be too hot, the high temperature of the water on the coast of the resort is also not expected. It is assumed that by the beginning of the month the sea will warm up to + 21 ... 22 ° C and only by the last days of July will it reach + 24 ° C, characteristic of mid-summer. Will contribute to reducing the temperature of water and storms that occur regularly off the coast of the resort. After them, the water will grow turbid from the algae and will become 1-2 degrees colder, but after a couple of days everything will return to normal and the sea will again acquire a unique, crystalline purity and tender warmth.

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