• Wedding gift box

    Each of us, at least once in his life, was invited to the wedding, and someone even had the chance to be an honorary witness. On the eve of the wedding, several difficult questions arise in front of each invited guest: the first is what to wear, and the second is a gift. If the first in most cases is solved with the help of the cabinet revision and fitting of several outfits, then the second requires a good understanding of the interests of the newlyweds. Very often, the choice of guests falls on cash gifts or household appliances (for the wedding most often presented documents for equipment). We suggest you make a small box for a gift or money. A box is suitable for a small gift and for a birthday, Valentine's Day or any other holiday. We will come in handy: - white thick paper or cardboard; - ruler; - pencil- scissors; - decorative cardboard or beautiful wallpaper; - glue or double-sided scotch; - ribbon; - actually, the gift itself. Let's get to work. The stages of making a decorative box. 1.We will make the frame for the future box. Accurately determine the size of the gift. To the size of the gift add another 1 cm on each side - it will be bumpers. For our gift (we gave the disk), we determined the following box sizes: 12.5 cm by 12.5 cm. Adding 1 centimeter from each side, we received a square base 14.5 * 14.5 cm. 2. Draw 4 lines over each side of the square: the distance between the square and the first line is 1.5 cm, between the first and second - 1 cm, between the second and third - 1.5 cm, between the third and fourth - 1 cm. It should be a large square.
     Gift box for a wedding
    3. Cut the small squares where the lines drawn intersect. The result was a cruciform piece of paper. On two parallel pieces need to make small cuts. On the first strip from the edge, trim a small triangle, on the second - a rectangle 1.5 by 1 cm, on the third - a triangle. As a result, you should get a trapezoid cut on two sides.
     Gift box for the wedding
    4.Bend the frame along the lines drawn with a pencil so that the edges of the cardboard are folded inwards.
     Gift box for the wedding
    5. Using office glue or double-sided stationery tape (construction tape will not work, it is too thick) connect the outer strip and the square base of the box.
     Gift box for the wedding
    Also do with all the other side-sides of the box.  Gift box for the wedding
    6. From a decorative cardboard or beautiful wallpaper (we, for example, used non-woven wallpaper that remained after the repair) cut a rectangle whose size can be easily calculated: the width corresponds to the width of the base, and the length is calculated using the formula - (the length of the future box * 2) + (width rim * 2) = small seam allowance. We got a width of 14.5 cm, and a length of 32 cm + 1 cm at the seam.

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