• What are pants?

    Anna Mikhailova
    Anna Mikhailova
    March 13, 2013
    What are pants?

    Pants are a very popular piece of clothing, everyone has them, and every person is not alone, as fashion designers constantly invent new varieties that they want to buy in their collection. But what are pants, and what types are there?


    Brushes from the Dutch broek, which in translation means pants are a piece of outerwear that covers the lower part of the body and covers the knees, their peculiarity is that they cover each leg separately. Pants can be worn at the waist and hips. Often there is a fly - neck or fly, which is a slot - valve, which is fastened with buttons, zippers or buttons.

    Trouser Types

    Today, pants can be bought in different variations, but here we will focus on the most popular.

    • Classic trousers are usually straight, their length to the bones on the ankle. Most often they are sewn from a single-colored fabric, less often - from a fabric into a cage or a strip. Good for business meetings.
    • Many do not know what chinos are, and chinos or chinos are straight or slightly narrowed to the bottom pants made of cotton or linen fabric.
    • Jeans never go out of fashion, so they can be called classics. But this "classic for relaxation."
    • Pants "cigarettes" completely fit the figure, giving it a special sexuality. And modern stretch fabrics made them super popular.
    • Flared pants came to the podium from ships, but today flared starts not only from the knee, but also from the hip and from the waist.
    • Trousers breeches whose length is below the knee or to the middle of the calf, which allows the legs to breathe and made this model popular even among men.

    From the above information, it is clear that a person with this choice will definitely not go unnoticed, and will be able to express his individuality.

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