• What are the main types and characteristics of suspended ceilings?

    Types of stretch ceilings

    There are two types of stretch ceilings. For the production of some, a film of PVC is used, and for others - a “fabric”, which is a fabric with a fabric texture, impregnated with polyurethane. Ceilings come in a classic form, arched or complex. The latter can be attributed to the “wave”, the installation of which is to be trusted by professionals because of the complexity of the work.
    If we consider the technology of installation, we can distinguish two types of installation of suspended ceilings. The first is based on the use of a special heat gun. It is necessary when installing film stretch ceiling. But fabric ceilings set, tucking in a baguette. Room heating in this case is not required.
    The range of ceilings is wide. They are of the following types: glossy (lacquer), matte, satin. Each of the ceilings can be sold in a different color - white or whatever you want.In addition, it is possible to manufacture an individual pattern. So, customers often choose a stretch ceiling "starry sky". The use of well-established lighting allows you to simulate the radiance of the stars. Such a ceiling is difficult to install, but it looks very impressive. It must be borne in mind that its cost is 17-30% more expensive than a regular ceiling.

    Which ceiling to choose

    If you decide to install a suspended ceiling, make a choice, taking into account the following criteria. Take into account the width of the room in which you are going to make repairs. Do not forget about the functionality of the room, it is important and the degree of illumination.
    Determine the optimal budget.
    At the initial stage, determine the type of installation of the stretch ceiling, be sure to select the appropriate material. The fact is that fabrics and film sheets are made of different widths. Stretch ceiling is not always possible to perform without seams, but the presence of seams and adhesions should not be considered as a disadvantage.
    Be sure to consider the purpose of the room. For the kitchen and bathroom, it is preferable to choose glossy film ceilings.They are easy to clean and are not afraid of high levels of humidity. Such a ceiling is 100% water-repellent. However, if you are going to do a suspended ceiling, for example, in a room with a swimming pool, it is better to use a special type of fabric.
    The living room looks good matt satin or fabric ceilings, again, if the design does not provide for the installation of the ceiling with a glossy surface. Brushed ceiling does not need to be cleaned often, seamless installation creates the appearance of a perfectly smooth surface.
    In rooms with special sound insulation requirements, it is recommended to install noise-absorbing ceilings. For children's rooms, special antiseptic ceilings are perfect.
    Pay attention to the price of the material. Quality ceilings made from certified materials can not be cheap. Stretch ceiling installation trust experienced professionals.

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