• What are snakes?

    On the globe lives a huge number of snakes. Some lay eggs, others are viviparous. Some live under water, others on the surface of the earth, in trees, there are also underground ones. About a quarter of the total snake population of the planet is poisonous. Snakes have different shapes, colors and sizes. As you can see, to answer the question of what kind of snake is not so easy! Here, for example, warm countries have chosen such venomous snakes, like gyurza, cobra, viper, as well as non-poisonous boas and pythons. In the temperate zone inhabited by the adder and too.

    Where do snakes live

    Representatives of this sub-order are spread all over the planet, although more of them live in the tropics. True, there are snakes in other regions, they did not get except to the permafrost zone. Most snakes live on the ground, although some have chosen to dwell on tree branches, in water, and even underground. The northern hemisphere, the territory of the United States and Russia have become native, mainly for such venomous snakes like cobras and vipers. Non-venomous snakes are rarely found here. The southern hemisphere is inhabited by both venomous and non-venomous snakes.

    What do snakes eat

    Snakes are predators and, accordingly, their food is other living creatures. Characteristically, each snake has developed its own methods of hunting. Some kill the victim with poison in their teeth, others choke, others swallow alive and only then begin to digest. In particular, such representatives of the poisonous family as the African mamba, cobra and viper kill their prey with poison. First, the snake bites the victim, and then waits for the animal affected by the poison to die or lose its ability to resist. Then it remains only to swallow the prey entirely. Non-venomous snakes act differently: pythons and boas do not bite their prey, but choke, twisting themselves around the prey.

    Who are the snakes to fear

    There are many poisonous snakes. In most cases, such a snake plunges its poisonous teeth in the hunt. After some time, the bitten animal dies. But snakes are known that use poison otherwise. They spit poison. Such a snake strives to get poison in the eyes of the victim or the predator attacking it. The poison “shot” by a snake can fly a distance of several meters. Poisonous snakes are the most dangerous among all their relatives. The most dangerous snake in Europe is the adder.

    What are snakes: species

    Family View
    Viperidae bonaparte Vipers, vip snakes
    Anomalepididae Taylor American Worm Snakes
    Aniliidae Boulenger Walker Snakes
    Acrohordidae Hornstedt Wart snakes
    Boidae gray Snake-necked snakes
    Colubridae oppel Snake snakes
    Bolyeridae gray Mascarene boas
    Crotalidae Gray Pitfalls (rattles) snakes
    Hydrophiidae boie Sea snakes
    Elapidae boie Aspids, snake snakes
    Laticaudidae laurenti Ploskoshvosti sea snakes, flattails, sea amphibian snakes, sea Krayt
    Tropidophiidae Brongersma Earth boas
    Leptotyphlopidae Stejneger Snake snakes
    Uropeltidae Gray Golden-tailed Snake
    Typhlopidae Merrem Blind eyes
    Xenopeltidae Bonaparte Radiant snakes

    And most importantly: knowing what snakes are, you will surely love these mysterious creatures and stop being afraid of them. After all, even a poisonous snake stings a person defending himself.

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