• Which bed to choose?

    Every woman before the birth of the child decides which bed to choose for a newborn. This question is actually very important, since the health of your child may depend on it.

    Cots can be divided into two types:

    • Cradle. Modern cradles have a lot of technical bells and whistles - they can rock the baby themselves, play music, have a special light, can be laid out in a regular bed or in a changing table. But this piece of furniture is needed for a very short time and can be replaced with an ordinary baby cot.
    • Crib. In fact, the beds have approximately the same design - the lattice sides and the bottom. They can be divided into several groups:
      • Plain bed with legs and wheels. Reliable, comfortable, but it is not possible to rock the baby.
      • Cot rocking chair, in which, instead of legs, runners rolling. It has wheels that facilitate movement. For this model, you must have a lock, excluding rolling.
      • Pendulum crib - More complex design.Available with longitudinal and transverse rolling. The advantage of the model is that the child will not be able to turn the bed over if it has not been fixed from rolling.
      • Transforming cot - Design, which over time can be turned into a full-fledged teenage bed, using a box for things or retractable sidewalls. But be sure to pay attention to the material from which it is made. The material must be very durable, otherwise the bed will lose its appearance long before the child reaches adolescence.

    When deciding which cot to choose, you must first be guided by its safety for the baby. She must be:

    • Made of natural wood or plywood. Oak and beech are strongest. Alder, birch and maple are softer. The softest tree is pine. But a bed of pine will cost much cheaper. MDF is less durable material, but in its production usually do not use harmful resins. But in the chipboard may contain formaldehyde, so the bed of such material is better not to purchase. The tree should be well treated and not have rough edges. If you doubt the material, ask the store for a certificate for the products.
    • The slats that enclose the sides should not be too frequent, so that the handle or leg of the child does not get stuck in them, but not too rare, so that the child cannot push the head between them. The safest distance is 6-8 cm.
    • If the bed is equipped with skids for rolling, it must have a retainer that sets it in a level position so that the child who has grown up and learned to stand does not swing the bed itself and turn it over.
    • If the bed has locks for fixing the side wall, they must be tight so that the child cannot open them himself.
    • The crib should have rounded corners and have no protruding parts.
    • There should be no varnish or paint on the bed.

    Reflecting on what bed to choose, you should pay attention to the advantages of some designs:

    • Conveniently, if the bed will have the opportunity to raise and lower the bottom. As long as the child is very small, the bottom can be raised higher and you will not have to bend over much to pick it up. When the child grows up and learns to stand in the crib, the bottom can be lowered.
    • It is very convenient if one of the walls can be lowered.Then the crib can be placed next to the bed of the mother. When feeding, mommy will not need to rise - it will be enough just to move the baby to her.
    • Well, if the bed provides the ability to remove a few rods from the wall. This will be needed when the baby grows up and learns how to get out of the crib itself. You can, of course, remove the entire wall, but then the child in a dream may fall from the crib.
    • Conveniently, if the bed has wheels. In this case, it can be easily moved to the mother’s bed or to any other convenient place.
    • Choosing which crib to buy, you should pay attention to the crib with the bottom drawer. At first it can be used for linen, then your grown-up baby will be able to put his toys into it.
    • It is comfortable if the bed has a rolling mechanism - transverse or longitudinal. In this case, you do not have to take the baby in your arms to rock him. But when choosing a bed, immediately decide on the rolling method, since along the rolling axis you will have to leave a gap of 10-15 cm between the bed and other furniture.

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