• What can FSB?

    The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) is engaged in protecting the country from external and internal threats. However, there is very little information about the activities of the special service, and therefore very many people in the country have practically no idea about the powers of the FSB. Because of this, many myths arise, most of which have nothing to do with reality. We will discuss below what duties and authorities the FSB actually has.

    FSB responsibilities

    The FSB is a service of protection against threats, both external and internal, in the territory of the Russian Federation. What is this agency doing?

    Counterintelligence and Intelligence

    The FSB is engaged in counterintelligence activities in the country, stopping any espionage activities of other states. The FSB prevents provocations, saboteurs, and other dangerous activities of the special services of other countries. The organization also includes a separate unit that deals exclusively with the fight against the CIA.

    In order to identify criminal and terrorist activities, intelligence is also required in the territory of the country in order to gather the necessary information.In addition, the FSB is also responsible for the state’s border protection against illegal invasion and smuggling.

    Fight against terrorism and crime

    The FSB is also engaged in the fight against terrorism and crime. The tasks of the department include the identification and prevention of any illegal criminal activity, as well as the prevention of terrorist attacks in the country. Corruption, trafficking in weapons and drugs, espionage, smuggling and other types of criminal activity are stopped by the FSB.

    The FSB also protects information and state secrets by encrypting, certifying, licensing, technical equipment and non-disclosure agreements.

    What can FSB: basic powers

    All the powers of the FSB are specified in the Federal Law of April 3, 1995, which over time underwent some minor changes. According to this law, the main powers of the FSB are:

    • The FSB has the right to conduct operational search activities in the country to identify criminal activities that undermine the country's security. When a threat is detected, the security service may stop activitiesconduct inquiries and preliminary investigations, as well as conduct special military operations to prevent terrorist and other activities that undermine the security of the country.
    • If the threat is outside the country, the FSB has the right to use weapons, military equipment and any methods to eliminate the threat. Special forces can penetrate into the structure of organizations whose goal is to undermine the security of Russia. At the same time, the organization can interact with other intelligence services or conduct reconnaissance and operations independently.
    • As for administrative offenses, even here the FSB officers have the authority to draw up reports, impose penalties and use other powers that are specified in the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation.
    • If necessary, the FSB officer may use the means of communication of enterprises, organizations and even citizens for official purposes. The same applies to vehicles. Employees can also enter any territory if there is reason to believe that a crime or dangerous activity has been committed or has been committed.
    • When threatened with unrest and terrorism, the FSB has the right to cordon off the territory at its discretion, conduct inspections and limit the temporary movement of citizens and vehicles.
    • The FSB can also check documents, carry out inspections, detain them, hold competitions for the selection of its department.

    The powers of the special services include any measures and actions to eliminate the threat to the country. All these measures are well described in the Federal Law and regulated by it. If a citizen believes that his rights have been violated by the FSB, he has the right to go to court where the case will be considered.

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