• What can not be taken on a plane?

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    What can not be taken on a plane?

    Many tourists who go on a journey often face the question of what can and cannot be taken on a plane. Information about what you can take on the plane, you can get from our article �What to take on the plane?�, And about the fact that it is forbidden to bring on board, you will learn by reading this article.

    First of all, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that each airline has its own list of things that are prohibited to carry on board the aircraft, therefore, when purchasing tickets, check this list with your carrier. But, in addition, there is a general list, after reading which, you can protect yourself from the unpleasant procedures of removing prohibited items from your carry-on baggage right at the airport.

    So, what can not take with you on the plane

    1. Firearm and its imitation. (Imitation refers to toy or souvenir pistols, which in appearance are very similar to military weapons)
    2. Melee weapons, as well as any other sharpened items, such as kitchen knives, screwdrivers, metal files, scissors, and other piercing-cutting objects.
    3. �Pressure spray cans (deodorants, sprays, hair sprays) and other flammable substances.
    4. Products in cans and canned food.
    5. Animals Virtually all airlines prohibit bringing domestic (and wild) animals on board. If you still take your pet with you, then be prepared for the fact that during the flight he will be in the luggage compartment.
    6. Fluids. It is forbidden to take liquids with a plane: creams, deodorants, perfumes, etc. if the volume of their containers is more than 100 ml. If liquids are packed in containers of up to 100 ml, they must be additionally packed in a transparent plastic bag. The total amount of liquid taken on board should not exceed 1000 ml. But this does not include baby food and medicines that you may need during the flight.
    7. Ammunition, poisons, acids, solvents and high power magnets.

    Now you know that you can not take a plane. By sticking to this list when collecting your carry-on baggage, you can avoid unnecessary problems at the airport.

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