• What can you give for the New Year 2015-2016?

    What can you give for the New Year 2014-2015?Have you already begun to think about what to put under the tree for your loved ones? When buying gifts, consider the fact that the symbol of this year will be the Fire Monkey. Women can give jewelry with onyx and aquamarine. These stones protect the symbol of the year. Suitable and wooden jewelry. For men, choose wooden chess, backgammon and other souvenirs from this material.

    What can you give for the New Year 2015- 2016 friend

    Women are easier to pick up gifts. They just enough to please and surely your girlfriend is no exception. If you have been friends for a long time, you should know her tastes and passions well. Your girlfriend is lonely and has not yet found a soul mate? Give her an invitation for speed dating. This is a party format in which guys and girls get to know each other in a very short time. Without a gentleman your girlfriend just will not leave. Of the more mundane versions, of course, this is various certificates, season tickets, cosmetic sets, etc.For advanced girls actively learning foreign languages, we offer a portable translator. This gadget recognizes words in printed text and displays their translation and transcription. It can also be used as a voice recorder and MP3 player.

    What can you give for the New Year 2014-2015?

    What can you give for the New Year 2015-2016 parents

    The choice of this gift can not be approached in the same way as you chose for colleagues or friends. It is very important to show care and warmth. If possible, give parents good household appliances. For example, a slow cooker, microwave or bread maker. All this is great ease their life, especially mom. For summer residents you can pick up a gift that will help them relax: a chaise lounge, wicker chairs, a cooler bag, a barbecue set. Dad will definitely appreciate the new spinning and rubber boots. If your parents love entertainment, give them tickets to a concert, exhibition or theater. They will have enough impressions for a long time.

    What can you give for the New Year 2014-2015?

    A gift to the grandparents for the New Year

    The older generation needs special care. Find out what your grandparents are missing for complete comfort. Perhaps they need a new stove, an electric kettle or a radio. Try to make a gift with your own hands.Let it be a picture, a family tree or just a family photo. It would also be nice to try out modern gadgets. Since the old people are often cold, they can give them heated slippers or an electric sheet, so do not forget about ordinary woolen blankets. Not superfluous will be a clock with light or a humidifier.

    What can you give for the New Year 2014-2015?

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