• What color should urine be?

    Olga Golovina
    Olga Golovina
    December 24, 2012
    What color should urine be?

    Our kidneys around the clock are busy removing harmful and unnecessary components from the body. Also in the kidneys is the reverse absorption of dissolved in the primary urine (its composition is close to the composition of the blood plasma), still the necessary elements. Without this ability (reabsorption) of the kidneys, dehydration of the body would occur within 25 minutes! The quality of kidney health can be determined by urinalysis.

    What color should urine be? Normally, urine should be transparent, and its color should vary from straw yellow to amber. These colors are due to the presence of pigment - urochrome, which is formed during the breakdown of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen in red blood cells.

    What can change the intensity of the color of human urine?

    1. From the amount of fluid you drink per day. The more fluid a person drinks, the lighter the urine turns out. And vice versa. Urine rich amber color indicates a certain degree of dehydration. The man drinks very little.
    2. From food consumed.For example, carrots can stain urine orange, and beets give it a reddish tint.
    3. From used drugs. For example, "Pyramidon" gives a red color. Bright yellow urine becomes from "Riboflavin", "Biomitsina" and so on.

    If it seems to you that the color of urine has become “wrong”, and you do not associate it with food and medication in any way, be sure to show yourself to the doctor. After all, a change in urine color can signal a serious illness.

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