• What colors are suitable for ginger girls?

    Red-haired girls have always attracted attention. These are bright, intriguing and, at times, fatal persons who have experienced incredible highs and lows at all times. One need only remember Jeanne D'Arc, Rita Hayworth or Julian Moore.

    And since Mother Nature has awarded you such a spectacular shade of curls, your task is to emphasize the natural beauty as much as possible. We have prepared for you the most relevant recommendations of experienced stylists and makeup artists.

    Framing for natural sensuality

    To look perfect, the right image is important. And color in this case plays far from the last role. Let's find out which shades fall into the ideal list for "redheads".

    When choosing clothes should be based primarily on skin tone and eye color:

    • Autumn type. These girls usually have a bright shock of radiant brass hair and pale pink skin, richly covered with freckles. In this case, saturated brown, sandy, earthy (olive, khaki), purple, and bright orange shades will do.

    It will look great on such extravagant ladies unusual bows with an unusual, large ornament. To complement the image will help the jewelry of leather or suede.

    • Spring type. This is the owner of a golden-red hair and peach skin. They are a bit similar to the autumn type, but in tones will require more restraint. If the "autumn" girls can afford more brightness, then the "spring" stylists recommend choosing a pastel range with brighter and delicate tones.

    Suitable accessories are gold products, as well as expensive jewelry.

    • Winter type. White-skinned beauties, whose skin is particularly contrasted with red hair, can afford to combine the most winning pairs in clothes: black and white, emerald and purple, crimson and snow-white. Natural brightness will not fade even in pure black onions.

    "Winter" red will also match turquoise and azure.

    Dress for the occasion can be picked up with glitter.

    • Summer type. These girls are characterized by dark skin and caramel hair. The image will turn out elegant and fashionable, if it prevails pink or saturated blue.

    Also effective and sexy will look a dress of a red shade, but only if it will be reserved for such a special occasion as a party or birthday.


    Girls with red hair are always a bit like cute elves. They are charming, mysterious and tender. But makeup artists always remind that this appearance is very demanding, so the selection of decorative cosmetics should be very literate.

    • The tonal basis. If you were lucky enough to have an even complexion, then you can do without it. In other cases, it is worth giving preference to easy means that do not create the effect of a mask.
    • Eyes. Excellent for red hair make-up with shades of green gamma - olive, khaki, emerald. Also shades of brown - copper, color of cinnamon, muscat will look elegant.

    If you want to create a more visible make-up, then choose contrasting shades - lilac, azure, turquoise.

    • Lips. Both lipstick and gloss of delicate flowers - pink or peach will suit, and for courageous girls coral will become a bright accent.

    Hot and sensual redheads always add passion and sexuality,attracting the attention of men. A properly selected image will turn goldilocks into a real queen to be admired.

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