• What can Cossacks wear?

    Lyubov Polishchuk
    Lyubov Polishchuk
    March 27, 2013
    What can Cossacks wear?

    It is not the first season that Cossack boots hold one of the first positions on the relevance of fashion trends. And, perhaps, it’s still not very soon that this type of footwear will go out of fashion, since questions about what to wear with the Cossacks and with what style to combine do not subside. The convenience of Cossack boots, as well as the diversity of their models, both men and women in particular, were appreciated.

    However, in order not to look ridiculous, not harmonious, not to wear these shoes to the wrong outfit, you need to know exactly what the Cossacks should wear. Many people prefer photos more often than objective information about the rules of building an image with the Cossacks and in everyday life they certainly make mistakes in combining clothes, accessories and boots.

    Cossacks boots to wear

    It is interesting that only in Russia this type of footwear is called “Cossacks”, while in Europe such boots are called “camperos”. This model of boots visually differs from its kin with a sloping heel, a pointed toe, a shaft wide to the ankles, as well as decorations in the form of rivets, chains, belts.Women's Cossacks can be combined with any style of clothing, but for business or sports style, such shoes are completely unsuitable.

    Those who are not the first time buying Cossacks for women, with which to wear such shoes already know for sure, and most often from bitter experience. Therefore, it is better to pick up clothes in the style of casual, country, cowboy, western, rocker or biker.

    Cropped leather jackets and sport-cut sheepskin coats are perfect for cossack boots made of outerwear.

    Jeans, country, rock and Cossacks

    The boots are perfectly combined with clothes made of jeans: trousers, long and short skirts, vests, jackets, overalls, shirts, as well as leather jackets, trousers, skirts. Under such clothes wear suitable T-shirts, T-shirts, and shirts.

    Country style is superbly emphasized with the help of Cossack boots, dressed together with a light chiffon or knitted dress with ruffles and a pattern in small flowers or a cage, as well as with knitted things: vest, leggings, elongated cardigan, scarf, hat, beret.

    In the rocker or biker style, Cossacks with metal rivets look interesting,as outerwear: a leather jacket and pants, a headscarf, a T-shirt and a shirt (mostly in black shades, but with bright details and, naturally, with the same metal rivets). This image is best suited designed in the same style bag-backpack.

    Of the accessories, wide leather straps with metal buckles, leather soft bags (sometimes with fringe), neckerchiefs, and large, massive jewelery are most preferable.

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