• What do love money?

    Andrey Kim
    Andrey Kim
    February 1, 2015
    What do love money?

    Our grandmothers and grandfathers believe in all the signs, but the modern generation, if it draws attention to such things, then perhaps only selectively. Signs that lure money, many, perhaps, will be interesting.

    What, as they say, love money? Let's figure it out.

    Look at your wallet

    Of course, the money must be stored in a wallet, and not shoved randomly into the pockets. However, the fact of having a wallet is not enough. It should be clean, not torn and relatively new. It is better not to keep a small change in your wallet, as well as checks, old movie tickets and other unnecessary papers.

    It is important to always leave at least one bill in your wallet, even if it will be 50 rubles, because walking with an empty wallet is a bad omen.

    Many people like to put in a wallet dollars or euros left from a trip, or just to attract currency, however, it should be remembered that each bill should have its own department - rubles should be stored with rubles, dollars with dollars, euros with euros and t .d

    Happy money

    Above, we said that you should not keep change in your wallet, but one lucky coin should be present. It is desirable, if on a coin figure 5 will appear, for example, 5, 50 kopecks, 5 rubles.

    What else can lure money into the wallet, besides the lucky coin? First, its color. It is believed that the red wallet attracts money. Secondly, one bill from a pack of the solid award received by you. Thirdly, a special talisman. The role of a special talisman can play a bag of dried flower of carnation, as well as any piece of leather (only natural!), Wood or fur (again, natural!).

    Home signs

    Not all cash signs associated with the wallet. You can create some "magic" at home that will lure money. Once again we will remember about the sign, according to which the trifle should not be kept in a wallet, but what is interesting is that it should be kept at home; Only need to expand the coins strictly in the corners of the rooms.

    A lot of cash will take to do with the table. In order to avoid lack of money, do not brush the crumbs from the table on the floor, do not put a hat, scarf and keys on it. In addition, sitting on the table is also prohibited.

    If money fell

    Money is such an important and responsible thing that you need to raise it even correctly when you fall - always with your right hand. And one coin or bill must be left untouched.

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