• What do tricks mean?

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    What do tricks mean?

    Tattoos made in prisons, as a rule, carry a lot of information. So, their plot can tell about tastes, style, fate, inclinations, intimate feelings or unfulfilled dreams.

    Spiderweb and spider

    A very popular tattoo that prisoners make for themselves is the web. It symbolizes the fact that the person was given a long term in prison. Usually the web can be found on the elbows of prisoners. The thing is that in this way a person shows that during his time in prison he spends considerable time sitting at the table, leaning on his elbows.

    The tattoo, which depicts a web with a spider, says that the man was trying to avoid justice, was hiding from the servants of the law, but in the end, he was seized and put in jail. It should be remembered that the web with a spider is a very popular tattoo among people who did not fall under the trial, but in most cases they are made with colored ink that they almost never meet in places of detention.

    A tear

    The tattoo in the form of a tear is very recognizable.Its meaning depends directly on the geographical location. So, in some places such a picture may indicate that a person arrived in prison for a long time, in others - the fact that he committed a brutal murder. If the tear is empty, then it already has a different meaning. Such a picture suggests that the prisoner made an attempt on his offender, could not take his life from him, but he managed to cripple him.

    Watch and crown

    The clock on the body of a prisoner symbolizes a long stay in prison.tattoosTattoo in the form of a crown indicates a high position of a person who was put on trial. As a rule, such a picture is chosen by those who have fallen into prison because of fraud in business.

    Playing cards

    If the tattoo is represented by a deck of cards, then this means that the prisoner treats his life as if it were a game of chance.tattoosThe image of the card spikes says that you are a thief. A tattoo, in the role of which tambourines act, is applied to the body of a prisoner by force, such a drawing indicates that the prisoner is an informant. The map of clubs can be found in those criminals who were convicted of theft.Worms - a symbol of the heart, such an image is also applied by force. It means that a person is looking for a romantic partner behind bars.

    Cross and executioner

    On the chest of prisoners is often found a tattoo, which depicts a cross. She says that before you a thief, and the highest class. The image on the body of the executioner demonstrates the hatred of the criminal to the current government and the laws that they have established.


    If a seated woman is depicted on the prisoner's body, holding a torch in her hands, this means that he remains faithful to his wife. Moreover, if he finds out that she has cheated on him, then he will definitely take revenge on her. A tattoo in the form of a naked woman tied to a burning pillar is evidence that a man killed his beloved for treason and for this he is serving his term in places of detention. Usually such a pattern is present on the thigh or chest.

    Patch in the form of a woman crucified on the cross, where there is an inscription "Amen" -tattoossymbol of hard revenge. Usually it is made by thieves who are eager to punish all those who betrayed them. A woman with an apple in her hand and entwined with a snake or a girl with the devil says that the man went to prison because of the desire to possess someone else's wife. Such a tattoo is usually done on the left hand.

    Winged woman on the wrist - a symbol of good luck. Prisoners believe that such a tattoo will help them to be released faster. If on the back or on the chest of a person there is a whole “picture” - a girl with long hair with a torch in hand, a skull, money, a cross, a snake, an ax and a prison lattice - then you have a person who submitted to his fate and is ready to suffer punishment. Once released, he will start a new life in which he will stop violating the laws.

    A half-naked woman sitting on a magic ball is a symbol of faith in otherworldly forces. If a female head with a crown is present on the arm or chest, then the person met his majority in prison (colony).

    Skull and Bones


    The prison jabs, represented by a human skull and bones, mean that their owners were sentenced to life imprisonment. If such a tattoo is supplemented with an eight-pointed star, then a man was convicted for theft and murder, and he was an authority among criminals.

    Money and eagle

    Banknotes on the shoulder - a symbol of the thirst for money. A prisoner with such a tattoo, going free, will make any sacrifices to become rich.If a person has a tattoo in the form of dollar bills on his chest, this means that the person was involved in some way with the American mafia.

    tattoosThe eagle says that the prisoner yearns for freedom and will no longer violate the laws in order not to lose the opportunity to live as a decent person again. If there is a double-headed eagle on the body, the prisoner has a strong dislike for Russia.

    Temples and amulets

    It is known that places of deprivation of liberty are rigid and unpredictable, so many make tricks that act as wards. Images of the Mother of God, the guardian angel, the Lord, the eye of Ra, the scarab beetle and so on can play the role of them.

    Temples are often found on the body of prisoners. The number of domes they mean the number of years that a person will need to sit on the zone.tattoosIf the prisoner has two such tattoos on his body, then we can safely say that he is in prison again.

    Castles, edged weapons and the devil

    On the legs and arms of prisoners you can see the locks. They testify that a man sits for theft and that he is committed to thieves' ideas.The image of the devil means that a person believes that he can come out earlier thanks to the help of otherworldly forces. A cold weapon (sword, knife, dagger, etc.) means that the prisoner is a merciless person and it is better not to enter into conflict with him, otherwise you could pay with your life.

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