• What does 18 mean?

    Alla Miroshnik
    Alla Miroshnik
    February 13, 2013
    What does 18 mean?

    Perhaps each of us paid attention to certain numbers, not so long ago appeared on the screen of our TV. These are numbers such as 18+, 12+, 6+, 0+. What means 18+ and other numbers for some Russians remains a mystery still. Therefore, we decided to explain what the reasons for the appearance of these figures are and what they mean.

    Since the beginning of the new 2012-2013. the school year, the Federal Law entered into force. He, in the opinion of State Duma deputies, should protect children from the negative impact on their development and the health of television, as well as studios that produce discs, the Internet and other things. After the first of September 2012, that is, since the law came into force, all TV channels operating in Russia, without exception, should indicate on the screen at what age television or movie has been allowed to be watched. That is, if the screen is 18+, 12+, 6+, 0+, then the transfer or film is designed exclusively for an adult audience of viewers.

    The same "tags" can be found on the covers of discs or on the Internet.Thus, the Russian authorities are trying to protect or at least warn the younger generation that some information may be negative for them.

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