• What does it mean to be loved?

    Vasa Lokki
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    What does it mean to be loved?

    When a boy and a girl begin to meet, a tender and quivering feeling, called love, arises between them. It is difficult to confuse it, for example, with friendship, but it can be easily confused with passion, or for example, platonic love. What it means to be loved is a far from straightforward question, but you can try to answer it yourself.

    I love if

    • I am not alone, I have a person with whom we live together, because we are good, pleasant and interesting with each other;
    • I am told every morning that I am loved and what a good morning it is today;
    • Every evening I wish good night and gently kiss before bedtime;
    • I cook breakfast, lunch and dinner, bake the most delicious cakes and brew tea;
    • When I feel bad and I am capricious, they always comfort and listen to me;
    • When I have a bad mood and want to be alone - on the contrary, they do not pester me with questions;
    • First of all, they ask me what we will do today and what I would like;
    • For holidays and just like that, I make small nice gifts;
    • When we are not together, they call me and ask how I am doing, they say that they are bored;
    • When they meet, they want to hug and kiss me;
    • If I do not answer for a long time in contact, they are offended at me because they are waiting for my attention;
    • When I go away somewhere, they are surely waiting for a text message from me that I have arrived and everything is fine with me;
    • It�s easy and quiet to be near me, even if we don�t say anything, there is no awkward silence;
    • Looking at me, a loved one will always smile.
    • If the feeling of love is mutual, then I want to do the same for my loved one. I feel sad when he is sad and I have fun when he is in a good mood. Beloved people together are interested in doing anything just to be in each other's company.

    Hundreds of books have been written and hundreds of films shot, but so far, what love is, whether I love and what it means to be loved - finally everyone can answer for himself only himself. Even the heroes of love stories each time differently answer this question.

    Psychologists say: love is an active interest in the growth and development of the object of love. If I am interested in someone, and he wants to spend most of his time with me, it can almost be said that I love.

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