• What does it mean to be necessary?

    Elina Huzina
    Elina Huzina
    February 18, 2013
    What does it mean to be necessary?

    All people want to feel needed. Life acquires meaning and significance when someone feels the need for your presence, for something that only you and no one else can give.

    Necessary - it means beloved

    So what does it mean to be necessary? The concept of the "necessary" gives the dictionary Ushakov. Here it is interpreted as “necessary.” To become necessary for someone is to become its missing part, a continuation, energy recharging, so to speak. With this relationship between a man and a woman, a merging of souls or a kind of addiction is born. At the same time, the absence of the “necessary” component brings in tangible heartache. A person can adapt to any living conditions. However, life in these new circumstances will be quite different. The pain of loss may dull with time, and may never leave a person who has lost another, close and necessary person. For example, having lost a part of a body, an individual will survive and adapt, learn to manage and so, or replace “loss” with a prosthesis.but never to be the same to him.

    It turns out that to be necessary for someone is a lot. And this is important. If a person close to you says that you are necessary for him, it may mean that his feelings for you may be even stronger than love. But this is not always the case.

    Necessary is useful.

    In the mouths of other men, “necessity” may sound like “utility.” Then, utility means meeting needs, or fulfilling requests while consuming certain goods and using services. In this perspective, the saying: “I need you” sounds not so pleasant anymore and bears the imprint of the mercenary use of all the benefits that a woman’s presence in the house can carry. Pleasant company, delicious lunch, ironed shirts and clean socks. In this case, about love, there is no question.

    Good to be fit

    In many ways, the meaning of the phrase “I need you” depends on the context and on the feeling with which it is pronounced: to be in demand, to benefit, to give what is so necessary for a person right now, to be loved and necessary as air ... interpretations can be many. But, without any doubt, in our divided time, when everyone is busy only with himself, “to be necessary” to someone or to show that you need someone is very important, and you should not neglect it.

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