• What does P.S. mean?

    Elena Melnichenko
    Elena Melnichenko
    November 4, 2014
    What does P.S. mean?

    Very often, at the end of the letter, P.S. But not everyone knows what it means.

    P.S. - short for Latin phrase “post scriptum”. It translates as "after written."

    Design by P.S.

    Basically, this postscript is used at the end of the letter when it is necessary to add important information, and it is drawn up as follows: the letters are written in capital letters, and after them the text of the message is also written with a capital letter without a colon. For example,

    • P.S. Everyone was delighted with what they saw! - the correct option.
    • PS: everyone was delighted with what they saw! - wrong option.

    Also, in many letters, P.P.S. can also be found, which means “post post scriptum”, that is, this is the information that you completely forgot to write about. She and make out after P.S.


    It should be noted that users of the Russian-language network space use PS, instead of P.S. Thus, they are written by those who do not like to switch languages, since these letters are on the same keyboard buttons (P - З, S - Ы), but they mean the same thing.

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