• What does the name Ivan mean?

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    August 5, 2011
    What does the name Ivan mean?

    The name Ivan is one of the most common male names in Russia, especially in the opinion of residents of other countries. According to the inhabitants of the West, the average Russian is a man in felt boots and with earflaps named Ivan, who stands on the Red Square and walks the bear.

    Meaning of the name

    What the name Ivan actually means and how it came to us: the name Ivan came to us from the Hebrew language together with the adoption of the Christian religion, it had the form of John and was translated as “God had mercy”. When taking into account what deep roots this name has, it is common in many countries, where it takes completely different forms from John to Juan and even Janusz.


    What does the name Ivan mean if we are talking about the character of this person:

    How many Ivanov and so many characters, they all have something elusively common, but at the same time they are all completely different.

    • In Ivan, completely different and even opposite qualities can be combined; he can be both good and evil, on the one hand taking care of the other, releasing taunts and offending a person.It can be strong and strong-willed, and at the same time show weakness and demand care about yourself.
    • Ivan has a very wide range of interests and hobbies, he is capable of almost any activity, but they replace each other faster than he achieves real heights. With the exception of those who are looking for the work of a lifetime, trying different ones, then to stop at one.
    • He is an open person, he is interested in everything, he likes the new and he does not hide anything from others. On him is immediately visible at one glance the whole gamut of his experiences.
    • He is well managed with information and is always aware of the political situation, the latest news of the city and knows what happens to his relatives and friends.
    • Ivan loves the company, noisy and big. Always happy to guests and he loves to collect them as much as possible. Holidays he celebrates widely, with noise and fun.
    • Most often, Ivanas are generous and selfless, always ready to help others and give the latter if necessary. True, there are also stingy ones, so this question more often depends on upbringing.
    • He likes men's classes: football, fishing, in the country he would rather cut wood than help in the garden or kitchen.
    • He is sympathetic and trusting, prefers not to argue and is easy to convince him, but in fundamental things he will remain true to himself. If we are talking about something important, he can be surprisingly firm and stubborn.

    What does the name Ivan mean for parents who want to name the baby so - his character will depend almost entirely on your upbringing, only you can invest in it all the best qualities.

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