• What does the name Kira mean?

    Alena Mikhailova
    Alena Mikhailova
    February 3, 2015
    What does the name Kira mean?

    Kira is a rather rare name that is beginning to gain popularity recently. Choosing it for your child, you should find out about the origin of this name and what character the girl will have in the future.

    In this article we will explain what the name Cyrus means.

    The origin of the name Kira

    The name Kira has several versions of origin. If we consider the Greek version, the founder of this estate is the word "kirios", which is translated as "Mrs." or "lord". It is believed that the name Cyrus has Persian roots. In this case, it translates as "the sun", "foresight." When translated from Irish, this name means “dark”, “dark-haired”.

    Character name Kira

    Kira has a solid character, she is stubborn, has will power and always achieves goals. However, meanwhile, it is very easy to hurt her, she does not like criticism, so you need to praise her more and try to help her if something goes wrong for her. Kira can be entrusted with any task, she will handle it superbly,because this person is able to concentrate and set the priorities correctly.

    Cyrus is demanding not only for herself, but also for people around her. She will not tolerate confusion in matters. But she often lacks diplomacy, so she solves questions long and painfully.

    Spouse Cyrus will be just great. Stubbornness often prevents her from living in peace with her spouse, but her other qualities can compensate for this lack. She is a good hostess, she will always have a clean, tidy house. Kira loves to receive guests and cook. In children, she does not mind, so she will take care of them and protect them.

    When Kira faces difficulties, she endures them and tries to adapt to all conditions. Surrounding people will appreciate her for trying to find a way out of even the most difficult situation. Kira hates gossip and intrigue, she tries to act honestly and fairly.

    Speaking of talismans, Kira can be given topaz: he will guard her and make her happy. As a frame for the gem is better to choose gold.

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