• What does the soul do?

    Although many people approach this topic philosophically, we will look at what the soul does from a religious point of view. A small study of this issue will help to look at the soul. And since for Christians the most authoritative book is the Bible, we turn to it.

    What is soul

    So, in the first book of Genesis about the creation of the first man, it is said that he "became a living soul." It means that the soul is not inside a person or separately from him. It is man himself, physical flesh, real and tangible. About what the soul is doing, whether it is subject to change and how, let�s see.

    Since the soul is you, everything that you feel, the soul feels the same. Namely, experiencing pain, hunger, thirst, suffering from insomnia. It can be executed, exterminated, killed, i.e. she is mortal Ecclesiastes 18: 4 clearly states this. Many legends and myths are about the soul. It's time to uncover the truth about her.

    Hard on the soul

    Our life consists of stages that differ from each other. Joy and sorrow come suddenly, sometimes we are not ready for an abrupt change of mood and feelings. It is very important to be ready to accept love and happiness, and to respond correctly to pain and suffering. When this fails, it becomes hard on the soul.What to do at this moment?

    Do not resist changes, calmly react, do not force the situation. Peace of mind can be achieved by your attention to other people. Help relatives, close people, take care of the animal and plant world. Do not be isolated from society, do not look for the perpetrators of the problem.

    Life is interesting, diverse, unpredictable. Do not look for specific answers to questions, this is not a book. Write it yourself, considering your abilities, capabilities, talents. Give your soul the freedom to be creative!

    My Soul Hurts

    Each person, acquiring some qualities or skills, is able to keenly feel the changes in the world. Looking at the unfair attitude of a strong person to the weak, at the brutal attitude towards animals, the soul is �tormented� in pain and insolvency to change anything. But is this situation hopeless? And what if the soul hurts?

    It's time to pray to God. He will listen to you better than any interlocutor. Speak in your own words what troubles you. Often at the end of a prayer, people feel light on their souls, comfort, relief. Sometimes the problem is solved by itself, because during the prayer, the person realizes that the pain, which depresses him, is solved.

    With a true friend, open his soul. Trust your worries to a good listener. It is enough to speak out and feel understanding and sympathy.

    What happens to the soul after death

    The fact that the soul does after death, very worried people of different eras. The idea of the immortality of the soul was developed by the philosophers Socrates and Plato. This teaching suggests that death is not to be feared. Long before this assertion, the Greek mathematician Pythagoras believed in the transmigration and immortality of the soul. In Egyptian religion, the idea of life after death lies at the core of their belief in the afterlife.

    So, we have considered several civilizations that believed in the same thing - in the immortality of the soul. Let us not forget that these are pagan nations that have nothing in common with the Christian world. But even some Christians are still looking for confirmation of the doctrine of the immortal soul in scientific research and philosophy, and are frustrated at not finding them.

    The biblical point of view about the state of the soul after death, we briefly examined. Reading carefully the ancient history, from the creation of man to the present day, you will see in the Old Testament and in the New Testament a clear and consistent definition of the soul and what happens to it at death.

    Until now, scientists can not name the causes of aging and death.And the Bible explains that the soul, or person, dies because of the sin inherited from Adam. And Jesus Christ died for all of humanity to redeem from this slavish position. Read about this in Matthew 20:28.

    How to deal with the emptiness in the soul

    If you are not pleased with the colors of life, it became unpleasant for you to be among friends, you stopped reading your favorite books, it means that you are depressed. Why does a person get depressed, feel the meaninglessness of existence? What could be the cause of apathy and boredom? If the soul emptiness, what to do?

    Force yourself to continue doing your favorite things. Make plans for the future. Change your social circle, carefully approaching the choice of the interlocutor. Go to the comedy in the cinema or theater, the exhibition in the gallery. Take care of yourself, your new image. Call a loved one, ask about his life, imbued with concern for relatives. Take a break from what plunged your soul into emptiness.

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