• What dreams of hay?

    Elena Kasyanova
    Elena Kasyanova
    February 26, 2015
    What dreams of hay?

    Man's dreams are both very real and fantastic. All of them can be given a logical explanation with a brief and clear description. If you dreamed of hay, several interpretations of this dream are described in the article.

    What dreams of hay: interpretation

    If you dream of hay - this is a favorable sign. Such a dream to successful, profitable business. Hay in a dream - to see you soon, profit or good luck, as well as to achieve a sustainable financial situation in the near future.

    If a haystack is dreamed, then cherished desires become real and there is no need for it to make a lot of effort, because luck and luck are on your side. The more clean, dry grass there is during sleep, the faster the wish will come true.

    Why dream of picking straw in a stack? If someone in a dream collects hay in a stack - this is an unpleasant situation or a disease of close people. If you put dry grass in the ricks - this is the loss of some of his stuff. If you mow in a dream, it is to improve finances in the future.

    If the hay is burning in a dream - it can lead to large losses. If you were assisted by strangers while putting out the fire, it will be very helpful. Burning hay speaks of financial and moral loss.

    If you could put out the hay yourself without any help, then you can handle the problems yourself.

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