• What is the dream of the temple?

    February 24, 2015
    What is the dream of the temple?

    The word temple can be understood as various buildings, and it can dream about various events. It becomes interesting how to interpret such a dream. In this article, we will look at the dream of a temple for a man and a woman.

    This article focuses on the interpretation of various dream books, namely: Newest Dream Book and Miller's Dream Book.

    Interpretation of the newest dream book

    Consider the dream of the temple according to this dream book.

    • If a man saw in a dream a temple that looks like Greek temples, this means that in the near future he will be a great success. At the same time, it may be a sign of the need to find a foothold in life. In your life, changes are now coming and the situation both at work and in the family can be unstable;
    • if a woman saw a temple in a dream, then she wants to find herself as soon as possible. You are undecided, but you will be able to find the cause of your life if in the near future you begin to strive for it;
    • if we are talking about a church temple, then for a man it is a sign that he must change his life. You go too far in your aspirations;
    • If you saw a wooden temple, then your dreams may come true, but if the temple collapses, you should start striving to achieve them as soon as possible. Otherwise you risk losing the dream;
    • a church temple for a woman according to the interpretation of the Newest Sonic means that it is necessary to find the betrothed soon.

    Interpretation of Miller's Dream Book

    How to interpret a dream for this dream book? We will see:

    • If a man saw a church temple, then he committed a deception and must admit it;
    • for a woman, a church temple means the need to adjust your personal life and stop looking for the ideal;
    • if you saw a temple in your dream, which is a structure related to the structure of ancient civilizations, most likely it means your thirst for adventure. This is a sign that you need a break from everyday fuss.

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