• Why dream of belly?

    Irina Kosheleva
    Irina Kosheleva
    August 2, 2012
    Why dream of belly?

    Belly has always been a symbol of wealth and wealth, remember netski - small oriental statues of gods with huge bellies. And why dream of belly?

    If you dreamed of a well-groomed man with a huge bare belly - this is for money. Soon you will get a significant profit. Want to understand what dreams of a pregnant belly? Everything is simple here - for children. It is not necessary that the children be with you. It is possible that one of your brothers or sisters will soon give birth. Such a dream means replenishment in the family.

    Have you seen yourself in a dream with a good beer belly? This is also a good sign: your services will be recognized by the authorities, and soon you will reach the level of income you always wanted. But if the stomach is too big, incredibly huge - most likely, your subconscious tries to draw your attention to this area. It is possible that you already have or will have any problems with the stomach, pancreas or digestion.

    A dream where you saw a stomach that literally grows before your eyes, foreshadows gloomy thoughts for a woman, and on the contrary for a man - honor and recognition.

    Girls should be wary of dreams in which they see themselves as skinny - with all their desire to maintain harmony, such a dream foreshadows great expenses. And if in a dream attention is sharpened on a thin stomach, then these expenses will lead you to bankruptcy. Be careful to avoid the critical state of your financial affairs.

    If in a dream your stomach is bleeding - this is a very bad sign, especially for pregnant women. It should be as soon as possible to consult a doctor and check whether everything is in order with the child.

    Have a nice sleep!

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