• Why dream currant?

    Vladimir Shust
    Vladimir Shust
    February 18, 2015
    Why dream currant?

    From the earliest times, people believed that dreams carry a deep meaning and can even predict the future of man. In a dream, we can see many different images, things, and events, but how will one learn to understand these images and visions? How to interpret a dream? For these purposes, people made up special dream books, with the help of which you can learn about the meaning of certain images and events from sleep.

    What can dream currant

    Probably, each of us knows what kind of berry is a currant, how tasty and healthy it is. But what does the appearance of currants in a dream?

    • According to the old English dream book, the appearance of currants in any form in a dream foreshadows success in various spheres of life or entrepreneurship. Lonely people - the appearance of the beloved. People who are married - family happiness and beautiful children.
    • According to the Children's Dream Book, red currants dream of happiness, and black currant dreams of resentment and tears.
    • Veles' dream book interprets the appearance of currants in a dream as an omen of an unexpected meeting.
    • Dream interpretation of Yuri Longo gives a more detailed interpretation. If you dream that you are planting a currant, it means that soon you will be dismissed about various gossips, and you will be the reason for their occurrence. Collect or tear currants - you will find interesting and unusual entertainment. Do not give up the upcoming entertainment, as it may affect your future life. Eating currants dreams of lucrative deals and offers.

    Some dream books say that the interpretation of dreams with a currant is different for men and women. For men, currant means waiting for misunderstandings, fatigue, for women - the fulfillment of desires.

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