• Why dream of a nest?

    Alena Mikhailova
    Alena Mikhailova
    February 24, 2015
    Why dream of a nest?

    In most cases, the person is not looking for the interpretation of the symbols from dreams, which are often found in ordinary life. However, they also carry an important meaning.

    Our article will tell you what the nest dream about.

    General interpretation of sleep

    The nest is most often the symbol of the beginning of a business or project. If there are eggs or chicks in it, then the initiative will end in success. When in a dream the nest is empty - it is to failure and loss. Accidentally stumble upon the nest - to move or change jobs.

    Why dream of a woman's nest?

    If the nest has been glimpsed by a woman, then in reality she experiences that she has no family. Also, such a dream may promise her a quick marriage. If she does not have a candidate for the role of a husband now, he will soon appear. If a married woman saw a nest with chicks, then it promises her pregnancy. It is also possible that one of the relatives will soon become a mother.

    If a man had a nest dream

    If a man sees in a dream a nest full of chicks, then he will be promoted through the ranks. Also, such a dream often promises a successful outcome and profit.If a nest has dreamed up in which a bird is hatching eggs, this is for family well-being. Spread the nest - to the loss of a loved one. Perhaps he will go abroad, and the dreamer will never see him again. Often such a dream foreshadows an unfair act that a man will commit in the future.

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