• What dreams of an empty coffin?

    Elena Melnichenko
    Elena Melnichenko
    February 19, 2015
    What dreams of an empty coffin?

    Many interpreters of dreams disagree on what the empty coffin dreams about. Some argue that this is about buying real estate, others about unfortunate events in a person’s life.

    Below in the article we will describe in detail what this dream is talking about.

    Sleep for woman

    If a female representative sees an empty coffin in a dream, then this indicates sad news: it could be a disease or the passing of a loved one. In addition, this sign says about the inner emptiness of women and loneliness. You need to revise all your principles and start living differently.

    Sleep for a man

    If a young man sees an empty coffin and is about to marry in the near future, then this is a sure sign of a failed marriage. It may be worthwhile to wait and test their relationship for strength or not to marry at all at the moment.

    However, according to the Lunar Dream Book, the empty coffin, on the contrary, says that the young will soon get married and the marriage will be successful, and married couples will receive significant profits.

    This dream does not bode well for business people - your business will not be crowned with success.

    It is worth noting that such a dream can also be the result of experienced events in the event that you have seen an open casket in reality, therefore you should not take such a dream into account.

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