• What dreams of building

    Building a new home in reality means the beginning of a better life, a change for the better, a complete renovation. A strong house symbolizes protection from the weather and enemies. In the dream, the building represents a variety of events.

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    What dreams of building

    Dream Miller

    Walking in a dream on the territory of a house under construction - you will find wealth, financial well-being. Build your own house - you have excellent support from relatives. You are a builder of a multi-storey building - be careful, envious people are getting ready to prevent the realization of your plans. A dream in which you walk among construction debris - to a sudden illness, you need to take care of your health, strengthen your immune system, calm your nerves. What dreams of building a store or a large market - watch your finances, a dream warns about the likelihood of losses. Get an apartment in a new house - wait for a promotion, and the higher the housing is, the higher the appointment will be. To rebuild the house in a dream - you are tired of the routine, monotony, you want to change the way of life, to make new.

    People's Dream Book

    To buy an apartment in an unfinished building - wait for obstacles, because of which the path to success will be slow. Repair work in the new housing - you want to do the same with your appearance in reality. Go to a beauty salon, a trip will bring a lot of pleasure. To see in a dream yourself as an assistant builders - to be relocated. A tower crane in a dream symbolizes complete freedom of action. Whatever actions you do, there is an excuse for everything. In a dream, you are a foreman - minor troubles are coming, but thanks to your prudence, experience you will be able to overcome all difficulties. You are a builder of your own life and do not need helpers. On the contrary, your advice should be listened to by others.

    Esoteric dream book

    In this dream book, the construction of the garage - guests will visit you, to the pleasant troubles. Build a wall of your own home in a dream - get ready for laborious and exhausting work before you achieve the desired. Walking on an abandoned construction site - do not be so worried because of other people's problems, take care of your nerves. In addition, you can lose time, designed to solve their own issues.Unfinished building dreams to failure. We decided to rebuild the house again - we have to communicate with friends, the reconstruction works of an industrial facility - desires that we never dreamed of could become reality again.

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