• What dreams of fat?

    Alena Mikhailova
    Alena Mikhailova
    March 7, 2015
    What dreams of fat?

    Food often dreams in dreams, but in most cases they do not pay attention and do not seek their interpretation in the dream books. But they can help to better understand the meaning of sleep.

    Our article will tell in detail what the dream of fat.

    General interpretation of the dream of fat

    Fat is a foreboding of swinishness, in other words, someone will do the dreamer stuff. Also, this symbol can promise an unpleasant conversation with a friend who will incite the dreamer to dirty tricks to third parties. That's just not agreeing to it, because everything can get out sideways, and you have to wash it for a long time.

    Interpretation for woman

    For a woman, fat promises serious losses, so she should spend her money more economically: she will soon need it. In addition, you should be more careful in actions and words, as they can cause harm to people, for which you have to pay.

    Shmatok of fat - a harbinger of profit, to see hands smeared in fat - to an imprudent act in society. Cut the fat - to the best of luck.There is fat - to death, misfortunes, serious troubles in the family, difficulties that may seem insurmountable.

    Interpretation for men

    If a man eats fat in a dream, then in reality his inaction will lead to problems, so you need to learn to make informed decisions quickly. To see melted fat in a dream means that the dreamer is in for a real shame, as he will experience sexual arousal in a public place. This will see many, in the end over the man will make fun of all and sundry.

    Shmat fat may portend excess body weight, so it makes sense to network on a diet and play sports. To sell lard - to the new profitable business, which will bring considerable profit.

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