• What dreams of the birth of a girl?

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    What dreams of the birth of a girl?

    The birth of a child is an event of great importance not only in reality, but also in a dream. Therefore, it is important to find out why the birth of a girl is dreaming of. Consider the most popular interpretation of this dream.

    In itself, the birth of a girl is a very good sign, foreshadowing prosperity and happiness.

    Married woman who saw such a dream, waiting for the good news. While the unmarried girl must expect gossip and damaged reputation due to her own frivolous behavior.

    To give birth to a daughter in a dream promises very easy and safe delivery to pregnant women in reality. To see the birth of a daughter at home is a sign of the imminent end of its difficulties and problems.

    For a woman who already has grown-up children, this dream foreshadows the return of romance to the relationship with her husband, the emergence of new vitality.

    To dream of quick and easy delivery means that you can entrust your business to another person, you will have more time for rest and entertainment.

    Difficult painful childbirth - to a difficult period, which, however, will end safely.

    To see the birth of a dead girl is a long period of loneliness or illness. The birth of an unplanned child - to great joy and relief, entering a new stage in a relationship or career.

    If the girl is given birth to another person, such a dream foreshadows a great personal happiness. If your daughter gives birth to your daughter, ahead of her luck and success, a bright future.

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