• Why dream of smoke?

    Olga Kravchenko
    Olga Kravchenko
    March 16, 2015
    Why dream of smoke?

    Everyone knows the popular expression "there is no smoke without fire." Smoke is associated with fire and trouble.

    Indeed, smoke is often interpreted in a dream as a warning of imminent danger. But a more accurate interpretation of such a dream depends on many features.

    What dreams of smoke: interpretation of sleep

    Smoke in a dream can mean that the dreamer pays too much attention to minor problems, inflates them out of the blue.

    If the smoke is white, then soon you will be anxious and troublesome, but all your excitements have no reason, everything will end well. The black smoke, on the contrary, promises the dreamer troubles, which you will have to deal with, and this will not be very easy.

    A thin stream of bluish smoke in most dream books promises a casual love affair, about which it will become known to your surroundings. To see smoke from afar - to fast news.

    The smoke emitted from the chimney by the rings symbolizes dishonest people around you. If in a dream you breathe smoke, dope them, then such people subjugated you with the help of flattery and persuasion, but will soon betray you.

    Smoke.rising from the fire, means that the dreamer does not see the obvious things, is deceiving himself.

    To dream of a room filled with smoke promises a quick scandal, a long and unpleasant showdown.

    If the source of smoke is a lot of cigarettes, it means that you will reach agreement with your colleagues in solving complex business issues.

    Smoke, evenly coming from the chimney, promises happiness, peace and harmony in the house. If, in addition to smoke in a dream, there is open fire, such a dream portends a misunderstanding that will end in misfortune.

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