• What dreams that teeth crumble?

    Kristina Firsova
    Kristina Firsova
    1 March 2013
    What dreams that teeth crumble?

    Often people are interested in issues related to dreams. Sometimes we see scary or unpleasant dreams, and we often wonder if they mean anything. For example, why dream that teeth crumble? What does this mean? Of course, any dream can be interpreted differently, but it should be noted that most professionals interpret dreams to agree that teeth that crumble in a dream are a direct result of any protracted physical or emotional upheavals. Sleep can be interpreted as a warning of approaching you to the point of no return to your former life, to old friends, to the former environment, habits, lifestyle. May foreshadow problems on the love front or in marriage. In general, this dream tells us that serious negative changes are taking place both in the emotional sphere and in the state of health.

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