• What dreams underwear?

    Galina Mirzahmedova
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    What dreams underwear?

    The correct interpretation of sleep will help if not to avoid future troubles, then at least morally prepare for them. Many people associate underwear with the intimate sphere of life, therefore the dreams associated with it concern the deepest feelings. To figure out how to interpret a dream, you need to remember the details, take into account your character and life circumstances.

    The situation seen during sleep

    To see oneself only in underwear surrounded by strangers in a crowded public place means the possibility of a situation when a person feels vulnerable, unable to resist the opinion of the majority. If others do not notice the lack of outerwear, then you can calm down - seeing such a dream skillfully hides his thoughts and feelings.

    If dirty laundry is worn, then sleep can be regarded as a messenger of trouble, with blood stains - to a stressful situation, a serious illness that can result in an operation, and a clean one - to good and pleasant news.

    Buying underwear warns that a person may be misunderstood or jealous of him. In any case, this is a warning that not everyone should share the secrets of their success or personal experiences.

    What dreams of underwear for men and women

    If a woman receives as a gift underwear in a dream, then in reality we can expect the resumption of intimate relationships.

    A man sees himself in women's underwear - you need to be prepared for the fact that his authority in the family will be shaken.

    For a young girl to wear beautiful lingerie, looking in the mirror - to the chagrin, offense.

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