• How to effectively dry body oil?

    Modern girls are already so accustomed to quality and versatile care of their own appearance that now they cannot imagine how they could do without these various jars, jars, sprays, tubes and similar joys. And if this all suddenly took and disappeared?

    Of course, this is on the brink of fantasy, but all the same? It turns out that not so long ago in the world of the beauty industry a new and in its own unique cosmetic product appeared - dry oil. And it is unique because it can replace half of all those jars that are located on your dressing table. Do not believe? Then read on.

    Recently, various masks, serums and balms fade into the background, because various essential oils are becoming increasingly popular, some experts even claim that they are experiencing almost a rebirth.

    Soft, natural and healthy formulations have always been famous for their efficiency, although not all situations are convenient to use: sometimes oils are poorly absorbed, leave stains on clothes, make hair heavier, in general, there are enough minuses.

    Dry oils are a fundamentally new product that is devoid of all these disadvantages and, in addition, is enriched with new advantages.

    What it is?

    They are not dry at all because they have a dry appearance, the oils remain liquid in the consistency of the oil, but are produced in the form of sprays. Then why such a name? Just because of the effect: such oils after application to the hair, face or body do not leave a greasy or sticky feeling, as is the case with traditional oils.

    As a result, the skin acquires a matte effect, and the hair - a slight radiance, which is also complemented by a pleasant aroma. Hence the name, because the use of dry oils provides a dry and even satin surface of the skin, which has a well-groomed and moisturized look.

    What are they made of?

    The main active ingredient, without which such an amazing effect could hardly have been achieved, is cyclomethicone. It is he who gives the skin and hair a light shine and shine, and also makes the skin silky and even velvety.

    Cyclomethicone is a universal compound that contains unmodified silicone, thanks to which it is possible to achieve such a striking smoothness effect.The fact is that its molecules are too large in size and not absorbed by the skin cells, which makes it possible to create on its surface a nourishing and moisturizing layer that will supply it with all the necessary components throughout the day.

    In addition to silicone, they include light types of essential oils that leave behind a beautiful satin trail.

    How to use?

    Among girls there is an opinion that the use of oils is permissible only for people with damaged or dry skin. But this is fundamentally wrong: for each type of skin there is a kind of oils, and the product we are discussing is completely suitable for all existing types, you just need to choose your own brand.

    Most of them are produced in the form of sprays, and therefore their use is quite simple: just press the button and distribute the jet of oil over the skin or hair, keep the bottle at a distance of at least 20 cm.

    If you use a facial, then make sure that when spraying it does not fall into the eyes.

    By the way, experts recommend for the best effect to use dry oils directly after cleansing the skin: after the shower, if for the body or hair, after washing - for the face.

    In this case, it is unnecessary to wipe dry, just the opposite, small droplets of moisture will be “printed” with a layer of means, as a result of which the skin will get even more moisturizing.


    How to choose a tool? To date, quite a few manufacturers have already appeared, which have included dry oils in their range - different in composition and effect. Of course, in many respects, it all depends on the characteristics of the skin - the surest thing is, of course, try several options and choose the most suitable one for you. The following types of dry oils exist:

    • For the body and face - they are used only to moisturize and protect the skin.
    • For hair, respectively, can only be used for hair: well tames obstinate and unruly curls, can be used instead of styling, gives the curls a shiny and healthy look.
    • A new generation - such tools can easily be used for the whole body, including hair, nails, face, in general, care for each cell. Perhaps this is the best option for those who are looking for a multi-tasking tool that can replace several similar ones at once.

    What is the use?

    • Firstly, it is an excellent protection against ultraviolet rays and sunburn, which is especially important in the hot summer time.
    • Secondly, high-quality moisturize the skin, add strength and health to the hair, and also give the skin a beautiful golden hue.
    • Thirdly, they always have a light, nonetheless, persistent aroma that can always be replaced by heavy perfumes in hot weather.

    There are special types that heal the split ends or add volume to curls, as well as those used to repair damaged skin. Some ladies successfully apply dry oils as a cleanser, as well as for light shining of the skin - just mix them with a day cream.

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