• What foods can you eat before bed?

    Many have a feeling of hunger before bedtime. And if it is not quenched, then it can prevent to fall asleep and sleep soundly, or even wake up at night. And starving is bad for the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, snacking before bedtime is possible, but it is important to use the right and healthy foods.

    What not to eat at night?

    It is worth starting with a list of products that are undesirable or even impossible to eat at night:

    • Sweets. The desire to eat at night a cookie or a chocolate bar occurs in many, but this habit is extremely harmful and even dangerous to health. First, the sweet triggers a sharp increase in blood glucose levels. Secondly, simple carbohydrates that are ingested in large quantities will not have time to be processed and will go “to the reserve”, that is, to the waist and hips. Thirdly, if you eat dessert right before bedtime, the resulting surge of energy can prevent you from falling asleep quickly.
    • Salinity Salt contributes to the retention of fluid in the body, therefore, after eating a couple of pickles, you risk waking up with swelling and not recognizing yourself in the mirror.
    • Fat meat.This is a very heavy product, which will be difficult to digest at night, that is, when the stomach should normally rest. As a result, you can earn indigestion and sleep poorly, tossing and turning and constantly waking up. And in fatty meat there is a lot of cholesterol, which is deposited in blood vessels and increases the risk of developing atherosclerosis.
    • Sour vegetables and fruits. They contain a large number of acids that irritate the mucous membranes of digestive organs and stimulate the production of gastric juice, which at night is completely inappropriate and even harmful.
    • Cream. Firstly, whole milk containing significant amounts of lactose, adults is not very well absorbed, causing flatulence, swelling and other dyspeptic disorders. Secondly, there is a lot of fat in the cream, which leads to an increase in body weight.

    What can you eat?

    What foods can you eat before going to bed without harming your body and health? The list of allowed includes:

    • Fruits and berries. But you should choose not sour and not very sweet: the first ones contain acids (their harm was mentioned above), and the second ones - an increased amount of glucose, the negative impact of which you also know before going to bed. Suitable apples (for example, varieties of "Granny Smith"), pears, raspberries, blueberries, peaches.Such berries and fruits contain fiber, which fills the stomach and gives a feeling of satiety, as well as stimulates the motility of the intestinal walls and prevents constipation. By the way, apples can be baked: so they will turn out even more tasty and satisfying.
    • Vegetables. You can make a fresh salad, seasoning it with a small amount of olive or flaxseed oil or natural yogurt. But some vegetables cause increased gas formation and increase the acidity of gastric juice. To minimize this effect, you can bake vegetables, cook for a couple or make a stew of them.
    • Yogurt, kefir, yogurt. Dairy products perfectly satisfy hunger and thirst, do not burden the gastrointestinal tract and improve digestion. And the beneficial bacteria contained in them, getting into the intestine, normalize its microflora and even help strengthen the immune system.
    • Low fat cottage cheese. It contains protein, necessary for muscle recovery and the formation of new cells of different tissues. Also in the composition there are useful lactic acid bacteria necessary for strong immunity and comfortable digestion. And a small portion of cottage cheese gives satiety.
    • Turkey.Her meat is hypoallergenic, dietary, easily digestible and satisfying. So, eating a piece of boiled, baked or steamed turkey, you will get rid of the feeling of hunger and not lose harmony.
    • Low-fat fish is also quite suitable for a late dinner, because it is not only low-calorie and is useful for losing weight, but also contains a lot of useful substances. You can boil, steam or bake cod, carp, pikeperch, hake, pollock, bream in the oven with vegetables.

    We should also mention that you can drink at night. The best option is plain purified water. But also herbal tea is suitable, especially with a calming effect. But from the black and green tea, coffee and cocoa should be abandoned: these drinks contain caffeine and can interfere with sleep and sleep soundly. And it is worth confining only one glass of liquid, so as not to overload the kidneys and bladder at night.

    How to eat before bedtime?

    You can eat before bedtime, but you should do it right: without harm not only for the figure, but also for your health. Important rules:

    1. Opinion about what is after six is ​​impossible is wrong. Nutritionists and doctors recommend a last meal about three hours before bedtime.If the hunger period is longer, the gastric juice secreted will damage the mucous membranes of the digestive organs.
    2. Do not overeat! Reduce the portion to 100-150 grams, so as not to burden the digestive tract.
    3. It is important to carefully chew food, especially before bedtime. This will allow not only to enjoy the food and quickly feel the saturation, but also to ensure full digestion. The breakdown of carbohydrates, for example, begins while chewing due to saliva. In addition, it is much easier to process well-ground food to the stomach than coarse and poorly chewed food.

    Proper and healthy eating at night is a guarantee of health, sound sleep and harmony.

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