• What are the genres of literature?

    In the literature there are several generally accepted genres, but at the same time, there are processes of the emergence of new and the disappearance of some classical ones. To date, the genres of modern literature can be divided into three main classes: lyrical, narrative and dramatic. Each of the mentioned classes is distinguished by characteristic features that relate the work to a particular genre. What genres of literature are more common?


    This genus includes, first of all, melodrama, tragedy and comedy. In the latter case, the reader observes not only the display and demonstration, but also the mockery of the vices existing in society. In other words, there is always a reason to laugh at a self-serving, stupid or greedy person. The peculiarity of melodrama is a clear distinction between characters on the "evil" and "good", and there is a continuous confrontation between them. The tragedy is distinguished by the narration about the tragic fate of the protagonist, about his losses and sorrows.The tragedy ends with a situation of complete hopelessness of the hero or his death.


    No less common type of fiction is a genre of lyric poem. Such a poem is designed in a very colorful form to express all the experiences, emotions and feelings of the author. It has long been customary to convert lyrical melodious poems into songs that consist of several verses and choruses. The song and became another literary genre. A separate type of lyric work is a poem. This narrative narrative is inherent in the poetic form, which is related to the poem with a poem and a song.

    From essay to novel

    What are the genres in the literature in addition to the above? It should be said about the epic, which includes various prose genres. The epic in most cases is represented by a cycle of works in which a certain historical epoch or a significant event in history is depicted. The essay displays specific facts of real life. A piece depicting one event or one character for a short period of time is called a story.For the story is characterized by a number of events in the life of the hero. The novel is the presence of not one, but several characters, whose fates are intertwined by the will of the author. There are novels social, historical, philosophical, adventure, family life.

    Each genre has many characteristic features, often they make it difficult to accurately classify a work. Formed literary genres historically, and each has its own peculiarity.

    Types of genres of literature of ancient Russia

    The emergence of ancient literature contributed to the adoption of Christianity: it was his genre system that was borrowed from Byzantium. In parallel, the literary process of ancient Russia was in close relationship with folklore, this led to the national color of the literature of those centuries. What genres of ancient Russian literature are known?

    Birch bark letters and records

    The most ancient monument of Russian literature is the birch bark letters of Novgorod. They were already known in the XI century, in the birch bark letters were reflected the daily life of the Russian society of the medieval era. Folklore works, church texts, personal letters, documents are recorded on birch bark letters. Another sample of the literature of old Rus is the chronicle.The chronicle is characterized by a detailed description of historical events. Similar documents of Byzantium were called chronicles, Western Europe - annals.

    Bylinas and religious texts

    A great distribution in Russia had epics - songs of an epic character about the exploits of the heroes (folk heroes). Subsequently, such names of epic warriors as Mikula Selyaninovich and Volga, Ilya Muromets, Dobrynya Nikitich and Alyosha Popovich “settled down” in many author's works. Religious literature was also developed in Ancient Russia: visions, translations of the Gospel, the writings of the holy fathers, and lives. Over time, the genres of tales, words, narratives, and walks took shape. The Word about the regiment of Igor was very popular.

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