• What good is love?

    Each of us experiences love and knows what it is, because in love there are no limits. People always love someone, women love men, and they in turn women. They love children, parents, pets. In this article we will try to understand what is good in love, from which you can even lose your head.

    Undivided love

    By definition, this love that a person wants to receive from another person, but for some reason he cannot give it. Or on the contrary, people love those who absolutely do not need this love. In any case, it can lead to depression, psychological breakdown, and sometimes even to suicide.

    People always want to understand the causes of unrequited love, there are not so many of them, but they are:

    • Someone, as a child, wants to demand and receive love from others without fail.
    • All that interests you, your lifestyle, what you want to share with others, does not care about your chosen one.
    • You have nothing to offer to other people. Nothing pleases you and does not carry away, your life is empty and not diverse. We urgently need to change, because more often we like well-off, cheerful, interesting people.
    • Another reason is that you do not need another person and whose love is either.I want to create a beautiful illusion for myself, but over time it bursts like a soap bubble.
    • In unrequited love, something like this happens when a person seems to be good, but you do not like him physically. It can all annoy you, behavior, smell, appearance and other trifles.

    Get rid of unrequited love can start a new relationship. And if everything works out, you will forget about spiritual experiences and you will enjoy life.

    Mutual love

    What could be better than mutual love is nothing, because it brings only happiness. Such love can be attributed to the eighth wonder of the world. People love each other and do not want to share their love with anyone. Unfortunately, not everyone finds it. Let's look at how you can attract happy mutual love.

    • First, love yourself, your character, your body and soul. Find the uniqueness and uniqueness. Smile as often as possible, take care of your body so that it is beautiful and fit, put on things that emphasize your figure. Get rid of existing complexes.
    • Do not forget that love is not only mutual. In any case, love is a sacrifice.For the sake of reciprocity it will be necessary to learn to take risks, to endure, to forgive and wait.
    • You should not sit at home and wait for mutual love to come to you yourself. This will never happen, you need to constantly act. Be in public, show your individuality, beauty, intelligence, communicate with interesting people, most importantly do not sit at home under a warm blanket, waiting for a miracle.
    • If you find your happiness, your loved one, do not demand from him constant declarations of love and do not hang on his neck. And better become for him a friend, support, support, let him know that if he loses you, he will not be able to live without you.
    • Never forget that everyone has the right to freedom. Do not try to constantly keep a loved one near you, the bird does not fly away from an open cage. If a person loves you sincerely, he will never leave you, but on the contrary will do everything so that you are near.

    How to keep love

    Let's look at ways to preserve this wonderful feeling for as long as possible.

    • Develop relationships - it is known that everything that does not develop soon disappears.When you together do not forget to improve your relationship, do not allow them to indifference and saturation.
    • Sincerity of feelings. In order to preserve love, try to be open and frank with your loved ones. If your thoughts and feelings are sincere, come from the heart, they will always be beautiful.

    Now you know that good in love is much more than bad. If a person does not love anyone in his life, he is very unhappy and not needed by anyone. Love everything around, life is beautiful and it deserves love no matter what it is. Namely, the feeling of love can make everything color and kind, even if it is raining outside.

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