• What grows in the swamps?

    Natalya Kosenko
    Natalya Kosenko
    November 4, 2014
    What grows in the swamps?

    Swamp - a concept rather geographical than botanical. A swamp is a highly wetted part of the land with a layer of peat deposited on the soil. This area is characterized by a kind of plant community with certain types of vegetation and the conditions of their existence. The question "What is growing in the swamps?" Geobotanists are engaged.

    Marsh as a landscape complex

    To understand what a swamp is, you need to understand the reasons for its origin. The bog is formed by the overgrowing of a reservoir or due to the stagnation of water in meadows, clearings and in forest areas. Depending on the conditions of origin and the content of minerals, swamps are divided into two main types:

    • lowlands - are formed in the armholes of the rivers, near the lakes, in the places where the keys come out. Lowland marshes feed mainly groundwater;
    • the upper ones are located on flat, elevated watershed areas, and the source of food is atmospheric precipitation, therefore the content of mineral substances in them is minimal.

    What grows in the swamps of various types

    Regardless of the method of forming a swamp, vegetation plays a leading role in the formation of a landscape image. Swamp vegetation is non-seasonal, that is, the same species can grow in different natural conditions. The classification of wetlands is based on the nutrient content of the soil.

    Lowland marshes have the most favorable conditions for plant growth. They are also called herbal, because hygrophytes make up the basis of the vegetation: extensive reeds, large sedges, cattails, meadowsweet, iris, sabrelnik and others. Often found in these places and shrubs. In most cases, these are varieties of willow (ashen, eared, pyatychinkovaya). Black alder, ash, birch and spruce grows most often from trees.

    Upland bogs have a very large layer of peat, which contains almost no oxygen and nutrients. Therefore, the vegetation in these places is rather scarce and is represented mainly by sphagnum mosses. From tree species you can find only dwarf pine.

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