• What horror movie is the worst?

    Let's say right away that it’s impossible to answer which horror movie is the most terrible. After watching the same movie, someone will say that he needs spare pants, and someone will ask where he should have been afraid. In general, these are all conventions, but still there are certain ratings, film critics, nominations, and so on. We will rely on this general information when deciding which horror film is the most terrible, but for yourself you will decide for yourself. Well, how else?

    The most terrible horror

    The list is headed by Alfred Hitchcock's film “Psychosis” (1960, USA). Tired of life, a woman steals money at work and escapes. However, the hotel, where she decided to hide from the police, is even more dangerous. The steward is a young man suffering from a split personality. One part of him is attracted to a woman, while the other is the voice of a deceased mother who is not satisfied with this attraction. "A woman must be killed" - he insists ...

    Roman Polanski and his film Rosemary's Baby (1968, USA). A young childless couple, Guy and Rosemary, move and meet new neighbors who are quite intrusive. One day, Rosemary dreams of how they and Guy sail on a yacht, Guy turns into a devil and rapes her ...After some time, the girl finds out that she is really pregnant. Strange events surrounding the young family, Rosemary prompts speculation that the strange neighbors - members of the satanic cult, having their plans for her unborn child ...

    Next on the list of the worst horror films - Nicholas Roag and his film "Now Do Not Watch" (1973, United Kingdom, Italy). A young couple tragically loses a child (the daughter drowned in a pond). They are moving to Venice, but here it’s impossible to forget about the grief ...

    Robin Hardy's “Wicker Man” (1973, United Kingdom). Police officer Gobi arrives on the island to investigate the disappearance of the girl. However, residents are not happy with him, and the girls in the photo have never seen ... However, when they find out that the girl was, it turns out that she died six months ago ...

    Stanley Kubrick and his film "The Shining" (1980, USA) is included in the list of the most terrible horror films (screen version of Stephen King). A writer with his family (wife and son) is hired as a caretaker at the hotel. Strange visions haunt the writer and son, who at first are not taken seriously, but when the winter blizzard sweeps the road away from the hotel, the visions suddenly turn into a nightmare in reality ...

    Next on the list:

    • William Friedkin - “Exorcist” (1973, USA).
    • Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau "Nosferatu, Symphony of Terror" (1922, Germany).
    • “Let Me In” by Thomas Alfredson (2008, Sweden).
    • Alexander Azha and his film “Mirrors” (2008, USA, Germany, Romania) occupy the penultimate line in the list of the most terrible horror films.
    • Hideo Nakata - the tenth line is awarded to the film "Bell" (1998). Pay attention, speech about the Japanese version. Many say that the American version is a good fairy tale compared to it.

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