• What if I fall in love?

    "The world revolves around love. He kneels before her knee" - so said one of the thinkers, unfortunately, we can not remember who. It really is. All the best manifestations within us, like all the worst, arise because of the love for man, for work, for God, and so on. The feeling of love is not amenable to rational description or evaluation, although many of the most prominent philosophers and scientists tried to fit it into the framework of the most diverse sciences. What if love came into our lives suddenly? How to resist the powerful onslaught of your feelings? Today we will reflect on this. Let's start small.

    Question: what to do if I fall in love?

    First of all, answer yourself the question of what kind of love? If you can accurately determine why you fell in love with a person, then this feeling cannot be called love in the classical sense. Psychologists distinguish several types of love. Among them there are such as “love of mother for child”, “passionate love”, “love-dependence”, “love-duty” and so on. In our article, let's agree on the following.By love, we mean love between a man and a woman, although this definition is not clear.

    The most important thing to do is reveal your feelings, confess your love. There are a lot of opinions on this. But we believe that honesty is the best policy. Love a man, tell him about it. Of course, it is impossible to predict the reaction. Without a doubt, such a confession puts people in shock. A variety of thoughts come to mind. Tell me you love. If you really love a person, then do not demand anything from him. Remember, he is absolutely not obliged to answer you the same.

    Fell in love with a friend. What to do?

    The main problem in such a situation is to overcome the status-role barrier. Suppose you know each other for a long time, and you have been friends for a long time. How to get rid of the role of a friend? How to break this barrier? Any serious change requires a complete change of the world of man, a change of his orientations and opinions. Yesterday's goals may no longer mean anything, if today you realize that you love this person. And love him not as a friend, but as a lover. What to do in this situation? Again, we follow a strict line.Honesty is the best policy. You need to tell the person about your feelings. If you hide them, then believe me, you will feel worse and worse every day. Having opened, you remove from yourself the burden, which will put pressure on your shoulders.

    Fell in love with a married man. What to do?

    A very difficult situation arises when the person who fell in love with us has already arranged his life. And you are not in his life as a first person. Does our policy work here? Is honesty really the best policy in this case? To some extent, yes. Different people deal with such a complex crisis in different ways. It is known that destroying the family of a person is the last thing that a good person will conceive. You can tell the person about your feelings. To say you love him. But how will he take it? And what can he do in this situation? It is unlikely that he is able to improve your well-being and respond with the same strong love. Even if your feelings are mutual, surely, the conscience will torment many for the fact that he secretly steals someone's love. Although it often happens that everything is not so dramatic. Many marriages cannot be called happy and, quite often, marriage is a dry contract where spouses agree to and can arrange their personal lives in any way.The main purpose of marriage in this case is to take care of the children. What to do? If you feel really bad about loving a married man, then it is best to leave. Go far away. Go live for long. "Out of sight, out of mind".

    Fell in love with a girlfriend. What to do?

    In such a situation, you should ask yourself, again, what kind of love are we talking about. It often happens that strong friendships can be confused with erotic love, especially under the influence of psychoactive substances such as alcohol. Do not hurry. Understand yourself. Tell me what you feel. First describe your body sensations, then your feelings, and then your thoughts. Do not use the word "love", because, unfortunately, is a cliche. Anything falls under this word. All this needs to be done alone with yourself or with a qualified psychologist.

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