• What is a cataract surgery?

    Ivan Orlov
    Ivan Orlov
    October 24, 2016
    What is a cataract surgery?

    The World Health Organization has recognized cataract phacoemulsification as the most reliable and effective method for the complete restoration of vision. Clinic them. Svyatoslav Fyodorov performs cataract surgery using innovative techniques and techniques of eye surgery.


    A cataract is a frequent age-related disease associated with clouding of the lens of the eye, whereby the vision deteriorates sharply and the probability of its complete or partial loss reaches a maximum.

    Medicine - folk and traditional - puts forward many methods of prevention, treatment of cataracts, however, vitamins, biological additives and physiological procedures will not return the lens transparency. The only correct way for a patient who has experienced this problem will be surgery.

    Modern medical practice offers several options for restoring vision:

    1. Extracapsular extraction, as a result of which the lens masses are removed, preserving the posterior capsule, which serves as a barrier between the anterior part of the eye and the vitreous body.
    2. Intracapsular extraction, involving the use of cryoextractor - the lens and the capsule are frozen to the tip of the device and removed.
    3. Phacoemulsification - a clouded lens is extracted by using a phacoemulsifier: the tip of the device is inserted into a small incision, crushing the lens with ultrasonic vibrations, which turns its substance into an emulsion, aspiration of which is provided by special tubes.

    Proper and timely surgical treatment of cataracts becomes the key to maintaining good vision. Ignoring lens opacities leads to a number of complications: the development of secondary glaucoma, disruption of the functioning of the internal structures of the eye, the death of the optic nerve fibers.

    The benefits of treatment in the clinic. Svyatoslav Fedorov

    Patients of the Eye Microsurgery Center named after Fedorov undergoes computer diagnostics, which allows the surgeon to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the best treatment methods.

    A cataract surgery performed by the clinic involves a painless solution of the problem, which takes, on average, 10-15 minutes, which is ensured by the availability of highly technical equipment and the rich experience of doctors. There is no need for inpatient stays in the clinic - after the operation, the surgeon will prescribe rehabilitation procedures and will monitor the patient's state of health on an outpatient basis.

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