• What is a concert?

    March 7, 2015
    What is a concert?

    It can be a very large-scale, spectacular, and complex organization of the event, and it can be a modest celebration with the performance of one or several performers. In any case, one and the other can be called a concert. Let's talk more about what a concert is and what signs are inherent to it.

    Concert: definition and features

    A concert is the performance in public of musical works, pop and ballet numbers, etc. according to a program prepared in advance. The following features of the concerts can be distinguished:

    • A concert is a massive spectacle, its size and coverage depends on the number of spectators and participants of the concert. Concerts can be held indoors or outdoors - most often in stadiums and squares.
    • The main participants of the concerts - pop, choreographic groups, rock bands.
    • For a successful concert you need a good organization. So, it is necessary to prepare the stage, select the necessary equipment, adjust the sound and light. We must agree with the performers of the concert, determine the program, as well as inform people in advance aboutwhen and where there will be a concert - to do this, make advertising in the media, glue ads and so on.
    • At concerts, they can sing live, that is, in a "natural" voice, or to a phonogram - when the sound is recorded separately, and the singer only needs to adjust to it, so to speak, in time to open and close his mouth to make it look natural.

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